Hi I'm RavenShadow, nice to meet you! Hajimemashite!

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  1. Compared to most others who love anime/manga, I'm seriously a newcomer! But so far I've LOVED what I have seen! In my opinion no other form of art can quite express the level of emotion that anime/manga can. I like most genres, though try to avoid the yaoi/yuri genre (however, even though I don't like that genre I don't judge those that do :-) ), I'm also trying to learn Japanese.

    My other interests are history, programming, soccer, and a certain level of gaming.

    I look forward to being part of the group and getting to know all of you! :-)
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  2. Welcome to the forums :-)
  3. Thank you very much John! :-)

    I'm looking forward to the adventure!
  4. are you guys real people? *no offense*
  5. Well I like to think I'm real lol! So the answer to your question is "yes" :-)
  6. Oh, I forgot to say, "no-offense taken" :-)
  7. Dude I love all of those things I love computers im trying to learn Japanese notice i said trying I love video games and I'm trying out for the soccer team.
  8. How fun Fire Wolf! Those things must be cool if they managed to snag both of us lol!

    I wish you luck with learning Japanese and I hope you make the soccer team! :-)
  9. Sadly soccer try out were yesterday and I didn't make the team but I'm going to try again next year
  10. Too bad about the team, but you definitely have to right attitude! :-)

    Don't give up, I'd wager you will make it next year!:thumbsup:
  11. Thank I hope you enjoy the anime you watch
  12. Haha Thank you, same to you :-)
  13. Thanks you know what I get my motivation from a quote it says this with patients and perseverance you can do anything which is true
  14. Yep, you're right! But one must also remember to have fun along the way, otherwise one can have all the patients and perseverance in the world and it will benefit him/her little.

    Best of luck! :-)
  15. Wow I did not know that one so true thanks for telling me and you too
  16. Well you are very welcome, and thank you :-)
  17. Hello your message was quite good I am new so let's get along
  18. Hey there Erika, I really appreciate the compliment :D

    If I can help in anyway to make your time at Otaku Talk more enjoyable please let me know :-)

    arigato gozaimasu :bows: :-)
  19. Couldnt agree more with you Erika. Im new here to and this is the first time in my years as an otaku that i get to talk with other otakus. *_*

    Non of my friends are as into anime/manga as i am and had a hard time finding others to talk to about it. So im overjoyed to have joined :balloons:
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  20. Well I certainly can't speak for everyone, but I for one am glad you joined the site ^^, I am looking forward to your future posts :D
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