Hi, plain and simple :D

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  1. Hi everyone, Most of you probably already know me from bG, but there are plenty of people who don't know me. My name is Nic (Short for Nickolaus), but you can just call me Tammy or Matty (I prefer Tammy or Matty because it makes me feel less nervous). I am 14 and I spend my freetime playing videogames and watching anime (My other hobby is solving sudoku). I started watching anime around December and haven't been able to stop, so I thought I should join this community after hearing about it on bG. Don't expect me to post much because I spend more time watching the anime than talking about it lol. But I will post every now and then and say Hi to everyone as well. I am certain it will be a pleasure to meet you all (If I haven't already). :-)

    p.s.: I also give long, boring introductions lol
  2. Welcome to the forums! I love Sudoku. :D
  3. This is only where all the cool kids from bG hangout. 8D
    Although I'll most likely see you on ZE later, welcome!

    P.S., I'm a Sudoku master.
  4. :3 What in the world is bG and ZE?

    Anyway, hi. I'm a n00b, apparently. Nice to see ya.
  5. Oh, bG stands for "bor3dGaming". Its a gaming community that a lot of us are from lol. ZE stands for "Zombie Escape", a CS:S and CS:GO mod that is on one of bG's servers. Oh, and Thank You for the warm welcome :-)
  6. Tammy!!! Hi!!! We had a small section on bG before, but now we have this place all to ourselves :D we can party all day long here