Hi there ! ;D

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  1. Hi guys !

    Don't really know what to say... well, I'm back in the "anime world", but I never considered myself as an otaku until I discovered The Anime Man and Akidearest... so now I'm like... learning ? stuff about the otaku world :D
    Also, I'm a French girl ;) (so sorry if I don't understand you well or stuff like that)
    I guess that's all ?

    (ah, and before anyone asks, I never read light novels, even if I really love NGNL)
    (and I'm NOT a beer, please :'( I just used my name in Japanese, as a friend called me like that and as my French name can't be pronounced by non French speakers - I had no choice but to admit it during my Erasmus year in Germany hahaha)
  2. Well glad to have you! :D

    My only regret is that I can't communicate with you in your native French, I am trying to learn it along with Japanese, but progress is slow XD

    This is a great place to learn, so I hope you have fun! :-)
  3. Je suis français aussi! Ça fait du bien de savoir qu'il il a quelqu'un en France qui aime les animes aussi, puisque je ne connait personne comme moi
  4. Nice to meet you =)

    I also watched a few videos from The Anime Man and Akidearest. they are so cute together xD
  5. Hey how cool! Two french speakers :D :D :D
  6. Welcome!!

    A am glad to have you join our side.......

    Everyone was a amateur at some stage,but let me just say that anime changed my life for the good.
    So continue watching anime because it will be a fun experience.p
  7. hello nice to meet ya