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  1. im marck and im italian, my english is not perfect.... sorry overthere i know a lot of anime and manga, if you are searching a anime tell me
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  2. That is alright ^^ welcome to our growing community >.< its been a while since ive seen someone new (Jester you dont count XD)
  3. Ignore @Vitamyn, she is usually on some form of drug. Welcome!
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  4. ;)
  5. Welcome to the community! That's very neat you're from Italy, as I don't recall ever seeing someone from there before. As for your english, don't worry, half of the english people here can't speak proper english either and our language is very easy to understand, even when broken.
  6. Oh if you see any green stuff lying around don't touch it, its some kinda toxic mix substance that vita threw up
  7. Says you! This whole computer thing is new to me all over again!

    Welcome, Marck! :meow:
  8. It's nice to meet you Marck, welcome to the OT family! :heart:
  9. ohallo (mooning) ohwait dis isnt skype