HORDE COMBAT: 3D fighting game for Japanese learning

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  1. Hi guys, I'm developing a free open resource 3D fighting game for Japanese learning, you can read more about it on Game Concept Section of Greenlit:

    Steam Greenlight :: HORDE COMBAT: 3D fighting game for Japanese learning

    This is a non profit project for the community, I don't want pr or sell it. And I will publish what I made, for example: fighting animations in source format, so other developers could reuse them for their own projects (even commercial)
    All the learning content I will also publish so you could create foreign language learning game more easily.

    The game idea is very risky. But nothing is impossible. And I'm still studying for creating a good gameplay, to make sure it's fun. When the playable demo is out, I could discuss more about the way we implement it.

    For example: We are developing a Kanji drawing system by mouse dragging (or finger swiping on mobile ). It's not a new idea, but still is a useful feature, because you do not have to type for learning Kanji and Hanzi.

    If I want to attract hardcore gamers, the game itself must be a little epic. I've uploaded a clip to demonstrate Orc fighting style

    Light Attack (L): Kick
    Medium Attack (M): Shield bash
    Heavy Attack (H): Upword slash

    The first combo is M L H <- H .I will upload more demo clips about the remain combos.
    There are still some weird animation bugs, I will fix them soon.

    And please vote for this idea on Greenlit Game concept Section, so I can gain more critics.
    I'm just a loan wolf, there is only one way I have to post this idea so I could gain more critics from experts. They already helped me to improve the concept.
    You will see many Japanese characters like ninja, samurai... appear in season 3 (if this game survive and people like it), when The Humans return to Myth-Earth for taking revenge.
  2. I've finished 30 Orc actions

    I also started to create Titan's actions, so in the playable demo, I could demonstrate the gameplay of 3 different sizes (Dwarf, Orc, Titan)

    And this is first testing actions of Titan

    Attack on Titan !!!
  3. This whole thing is AWESOME HORDCOMBAT, though I am studying IT development, it is a goal of mine to become a game developer, so these things intrigue me! *_*

    I might be too late to get a response from you, but wish you the best in your creative endeavors! :powa:
  4. Yes, thank you. At the moment, we are evaluating many gameplays for making sure that gamers will get inspiration when learning with this game.
  5. well this sure looks interesting...
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    I know, sure does Jinjer!

    You are very welcome HORDECOMBAT, as someone who is trying to learn Japanese, as well as become a game creator I find both your progress and mentality for the game VERY interesting *_*:thumbsup: