Hyperdimension Neptunia

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    Set during 1989, it takes place in an alternate continuity where Planeptune is a small country, Lowee as a Japanese styled area and Leanbox as an invading overseas country. Lastation is an area connected with Planeptune.

    Neptune is thrown into this continuity and embarks her adventure to get back. Because this is not the world/dimension or time she's supposed to live in, she is not in charge of Planeptune; a new character called Pururut also known as Iris Heart is.

    Type: TV
    Episodes: Unknown
    Status: Not yet aired
    Aired: Jul 2013 to ?
    Producers: Frontier Works, David Production
    Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy,Parody, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
    Duration: Unknown
    Rating: None

    As a fan since the first game of course imma reccomend this :-P
    (watch the game to get an overall feel of what the anime will be like)
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  2. Is this still scheduled to come out in July? I didn't see it on the anime list Yansky linked in the Summer 2013 thread. Want to watch this one pretty badly, mainly because its bugging me how I can't play the games lol.
  3. Ya it's still scheduled for this summer. - Source