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  1. Hey! brand new to the forum scene. I've always loved anime but I really got into it all and became a, spend all of my time alone watching and reading manga and anime, otaku recently. As my name suggests I deal with windows (as well as doors but I prefer windows); I'm what's called a window mechanic. All this means is that I'm a construction worker. I'm a very open guy and look forward to making friends and having fun on this forum. If you have any questions for me, I'm a very very open person so just ask. And lastly I figured I should talk about my anime/manga interests because this is an otaku forum; My favorite animes, in no specific order, are: Mirai Nikki, Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, Guilty Crown, and Clannad. My two favorite mangas are Rosario+Vampire and Dance in the Vampire Bund. As you can tell, I love a great underlying love story (I'm a sap for that stuff), however its not necessary to whether or not I like it. It just so happens though that my favorite series' have them in them. Look forward to contributing to the forum!
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  2. Welcome to the forums, feel free to ask us anything if you want to know more. :-)
  3. Welcome man. Hope you enjoy it here. And I use to work for a company building windows. Wasn't my thing but I still remember a bit of it, some repetitive shit man. +1 for a hard working man.
  4. Why hello!
  5. Hello everyone!
    And what company? I might've installed your windows lol
  6. Welcome :-)
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    Prestige, unlikely you've installed our windows cause they have their own installers, and I'm from Canada.