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If you could make your own anime/manga what would it be?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by LuckyS, January 24, 2017.

  1. If I had the choice of making my own manga/anime, I would make it a comedy/harem/action. Or something alone those lines, still thinking this over XD.
  2. Yeah I hear you, it's a big decision! XD

    I'd probably do a fantasy like Log Horizon or a sci-fi like Banner of the Stars (I know they are both anime, both you get the idea XD)
  3. I'd probably go all Masamune Shirow, and come up with a deep sci-fi epic.
  4. Probably starts off as usual, you know, high school setting ect..

    Then something attacks the school, and then a young boy and his two classmates go and defeat the enemy.

    The real catch is: That young boy was not the Main character, the real MC is just an ordinary student in his class.

    Something a bit different.
  5. Mine would be a TOTAL page-turner....it'd prolly start off in one genre, then midway through the series switch genres :D:D:D
    (I. E. Start off Magical Girl, end Sports Anime, Something Crazy Like That Lol)