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Fan-Fic If you had to change an anime series, which one whould you pick and how would it be different?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by RavenShadow, June 24, 2016.

  1. I think anyone who has watched anime has thought about changing a series to match his/her preferences at least once (or more than once if your like me lol). So I thought it would be nice to hear how the "fans" would changes their favorite series (though it doesn't have be your favorite though :-) ).

    My contribution to this thread is going to be my opinion on Nobunaga the Fool. -don't read if you hate spoilers-:nono:

    First of all, I LOVE history so I was thrilled to see an anime interpretation of historical figures. Honestly I wouldn't change much, but the thing that ABSOLUTELY would have to change is the ending! I mean they make Mitsuhide the "Savior-King," I mean I understand why they didn't make Nobunaga the Savior-King in the end, but why Mitsuhide?>_< That guy defines the word "traitor" and quite honestly wasn't too lovable in the series :puke:. Well I'm sure the creators had their reasons, but personally I would have made Hideyoshi the Savior-King, firstly that would be closer to what happened in "real" history, and secondly the guy is TOTALLY lovable :D, a far better example of a Savior-King, at least to me.

    Well that's it for me, I look forward to reading what others have to say about their anime :thumbsup:
  2. I definitely know where you're coming from, my friend, but just hear me out on this on.
    Honestly, just speaking hypothetically, I'd kinda like to see kirito from SAO go after another girl besides asuna
    (Don't get me wrong, the way it ended up is amazing, but I'm just saying, maybe to make the series longer, they could've don't alternate timelines (or alternate story arcs in general) where he would end up with a different girl exact time)
    I think to would be pretty cool
  3. I would totally love an alternate timeline, SAO ended too soon! :'-(
  4. Hey , maybe it'll reboot in a year or two
    It's still pretty popular
  5. We can only hope :powa:
  6. Monster, I wish that doctor stopped giving a crap and just whacked Johann upside the head while he's not looking or something
  7. Hey thanks for contributing! Monster huh, yet another anime I haven't seen, this is why I like this place I get to learn more about anime/manga!
  8. monster is dark stuff, and not like angry-emo-teen dark, i mean deepest-depths-of-humanity dark
  9. theres nothing wrong with too dark. have you ever watch school days? it starts off so innocent.. T-T
  10. Personally I need balance, if an anime is going to be dark, it needs to be counter balanced with an equal degree of light :thinking:
  11. yea, but do you know how rare that is?
  12. Haha, yes I certainly do XD
  13. Lol you might just be more of a perfectionist than me X_X
  14. Nah, just more greedy ;) XD
  15. In an ideal world, you'd have an infinite number of genres and sub-genres, but sadly, the world in which we live is not an ideal world, sadly :zZz:
  16. Yeah I hear that lol>_<
  17. :idea:Honestly, there are so many different preferences out there, that it's kinda hard to debate.
    Not any one otaku, in the truest sense, is the same as another, that is just a cardinal law, that is to say, a mere fact.
  18. Lol, you certainly have a point :thinking:

    Well, that is what makes us interesting XD
  19. Lol we're such misunderstood creatures B-)
  20. Lol, Indeed B-):-)