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If you were any Anime Character... who would you be? Why?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Caboose, October 1, 2012.

  1. Well, to start this forum off a little bit more, I have started this thread.
    Who would you be? And WHY? Please explain why.

    So let me start.

    If I were an Anime Character I would be Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist because he is always being picked on for being short, like me.
  2. I'd totally choose Allenby Beardsley from G Gundam.

    She's young, hip, has blue hair, and pilots her own Gundam! Who wouldn't want to have a Gundam of their own?
  3. So Many Characters To Choose From.........
  4. I would have to be Yoko Littner, she reminds me of myself she is funny and smart also a bit of rebel but also kind and caring and a loyal great friend. And one hell of a shot XD.
  5. There's no image showing up.
  6. Okami~Jigoku strange I see it just fine, changed it maybe it will work for you now.
  7. Heathcliff from SAO. Some of you know why :D
  8. Yep see it now.
  9. [​IMG]
    Kouta from Kanokon, if you've seen this anime you know why :D
  10. As my avatar shows, I'd be Renton Thurston. He just has the thing that I, being the cheesy guy I am, think is most important.. heart, with a little bit of idiocy sometimes.
  11. But if i had to choose right now Kirito from sao would be in the lead. Why: i like black as a colour, dual wielding, hes one of the male mcs that arent perverts in some way shape or form, hes a nice guy in general and im completely in love with asuna so i would glady take his place although that might be a different thing all together if someone chose Asuna.
  12. Yuko Amamiya because were very similiar irl.
    1. Nice and Shy
    2. Abusive Parents >.>
    3. Likes To Tease Friends
    4. Look Similar To
    5. Bullied @ School (Not Often)
  13. I want... to know which anime shes from.
    <--- compulsive reaction to anime chars to find out what anime they are from
  14. Ef A Tale Of Memories but you REFUSE to watch it no matter how hard i try to get you to
    how can u not like this?
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  15. Because you keep making me not want to watch it and every time you talk about it, it gets bumped down the list more
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  16. Why would you disagree to something you dont know about hellcat?
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  17. I know enough to disagree actually you said "Because you keep making me not want to watch it and every time you talk about it, it gets bumped down the list more" and i disagree with that statement because i like the anime as well pretty simple now back to the topic at hand thanks :D
  18. Crystal makes it so DEPRESSING
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  19. Well Yuko Does deserve better shes my Saint T-T
  20. Most likely, I would like to be Kousaka Kirino of Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai! She is a secret otaku gamer, like me, just remove the secret part. I do my otaku-ing ( is that a real word?? I feel that way though. ) publicly!!! >w< Kirino is a popular model, top student, in other words, the perfect imouto. And she's tsundere. I'm a little tsundere at times too. Also Kirino is kawaii. xD