Japanese candy subscription experiences? Pls share!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Mochi, December 6, 2014.

  1. Hi there!!
    I really love Japanese culture and food! Unfortunately, it's not available at all in my area. T-T

    I was thinking about ordering something online--maybe one of those subscription-based monthly services?

    Have any of you tried any of these subscriptions? And if so, are they worth it?!

    I would love all your opinions!

    (also, sorry if this isn't a good forum topic... I'm new and inexperienced! :foolish:)
  2. It's funny I've only had 1 Japanese candy and it's the most cliche you see in anime, Pocky.

    Amazon has a lot of candy you can order online, so give that a shot if you can :-).

    BTW, your post reminded me that I had a strawberry Japanese soda sitting in my fridge. Thank you :-)
  3. Yummy.. the soda sounds so good! I've never had a chance to try strawberry soda! What's it called??

    The thing about Amazon is that you generally have to order a lot of the same thing... but I want a selection--like one of a lot of different candies!

    I did some more research and I might try Japan Crate. It seems to have more satisfied customers than Skoshbox, and those are the only two companies I could find that don't charge for shipping and handling.
  4. I actually don't know the name of the brand, I can't read the kanji lol. I would say go to your local Asian restaurant and I guarantee they have it. We have a hibachi restaurant close by and our Chinese food place even has it. Weird, but true.

    Let me know how the candy is :-)
  5. Is it those marble soda drinks (AKA Ramune)? The only soda drink I could think of off the top of my head with kanji on the label lol.
    I don't personally have any experience with those subscription things but have been curious (to fill the void of canceling my LootCrate subscription) and was also looking in to Japan Crate. Where I live it's really easy to get common Japanese/Asian goodies so I just want a little more variety from things I can't get as easily. However, my only worry with Japan Crate is that they're really new and I'm sure in the next few months there may be changes in how they handle what they put in their boxes for the sake of profit/revenue.

    I also think the DEKAbox might be good if you want more than just the samples the Skosh Box offers lol.

    You could probably try ordering stuff off of J-List? The only issue there is that shipping might get a bit costly since a lot of their stuff comes straight from Japan more than their California location, but I'd rather that than using Amazon's extremely limited selection. :(
  6. Yea, it's the one with the marble. I'm having one right now lol.
  7. Sometimes those require the thumbs are a god to open lol