Japanese Xbox 360 or Japanese 3ds XL?

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Would you rather have a Japanese Xbox 360 or Japanese 3ds XL?

  1. Japanese Xbox 360

  2. Japanese 3ds XL

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  1. I'm having a crisis regarding consoles. I have a choice to get an Xbox 360 or a 3ds XL, and I decided whichever one I get I will import from Japan.
    If I get the Xbox 360, I will import games such as the Naruto Shippuden Storm Series and Super Street Fighter IV AE. I also have a desire to be a well known player in the FGC(fighting game community) for Street Fighter someday. I also want an Xbox 360 because on Psn(playstation network) the id I want is taken, but on xbl(Xbox live) it's available.
    However, if I get the 3ds XL, I will play a lot of Pokemon. I really want to play the Pokemon games and compete in the Pokemon Video Game Championships. I also have a lot of friends from online communities that play Pokemon and want me to get a 3ds.

    Since I'm having such a hard time deciding, which one would you choose, and why? I want as many opinions as possible. If it matters any, I already own a Ps3.
  2. If ya already have friends whom own a 3DS it'd be smart to get that, since you'll be getting into it with a large amount of game time and usability already in stock, were as you could get the 360, and become bored of it after some time due to not having a large amount of friends on it, and the online community for XBL sucks.
  3. Well I do have some people I associate with that play Street Fighter on Xbox Live, but I'm more friends with the people that want me to get a 3ds. I don't deem the "friend" factor a big issue at this point.. Also, I didn't know that the XBL Community sucks... lol.
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