Jinsei Sodan! Life counsultation!

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  1. I know I'm nothing like Kyousuke Kosaka of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, but I can give decent advice. :ok: Whether it's love problems, or people are treating you weird just because you watch anime, or school work or you just need someone to cheer you on, I'm here to listen! :cheer:
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  2. D'aww, this is adorable!

    I currently have a small problem -- I have seem to be running low on tea and I need to buy some more. Have any recommendations?
    Don't break my heart and say you don't drink tea, I'll cry. D:
  3. I love tea! I personally would reccomend the Genmai cha, but Mugi cha is good too. :coffee:
  4. Too much K-ON! in this thread.
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  5. ^.^ i love tea... would love to try the tea HTT has all the time though... brb going to make some tea (only got packet green tea that i know where to find but hey its still tea)
  6. If you go to a Japanese specialty shop in your country, then you might be able to find some Genmai cha or Mugi cha. If you can get some wagashi too, then that will be great! :idea: Now I'm feeling hungry... Time for tea! :runaway:
  7. My family heritage is chinese (i consider myself Canadian as i am born here, lived here my entire life and rather at odds with my relatives and chinese traditions) so we do have a lot of tea... i just have no idea where the hell they are. My mom organizes thing in a very neat and tidy way so that stuff not typically used is always hidden... which is the tea, i know where the green tea is because i literally took it out and put it on the counter for a while before stacking it on top of some instant noodles so my mom couldnt hide it
  8. O.O >< mirai kawaii (well thats just my male and story brain working together to put a personality expectation for her based on her looks) but anime? must find....
    EDIT: T-T i cant find it
  9. I can't seem to find the anime anywhere too.... T-T
  10. Guys, I kind of have a small problem... Can you listen to me? X_X
  11. Just speak your worries and we will be more than happy to help you in the most appropriate manner we can. :D
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  12. Arigatou~ Well, you see, I have this friend. I've known him since we were 3 or so and we were even in the same ballet class for some time. He's really immature and I used to think that he was the last person I could ever come to like seriously but I think I'm starting to like him. Whenever I talk to him, things get really weird or awkward because I'm always being too self-conscious. He's really dense and no matter what I do, he doesn't seem to get a clue.......... I'm not too sure whether I should tell him or I should try to go deeper into the dialogue passage. I'm scared if I tell him then things might become awkward between us or he might take it as a joke. What should I do?
  13. Trying to get through to someone who's dense is best done straight up. That's not to say it's the best method or it will work, but trying to dance about the issue or use quirky lingo ain't gonna get through to them. You gotta face facts and tell it to them straight, or forever be runnin' a loop.
  14. -.- how are you awake at 4 am dirtbag?!??! But agree with what you said, and I dont think it'll be that awkward between you guys, even if it will it'll only be for a little while. I don't have any experience myself but stuff happens with my friends a lot ^_^;. Goodluck with whatever you choose to do though :powa:
  15. I work at 5 am, so I awake at 3 am daily. Otherwise you end up going to work feeling like a god damn zombie.

    And Yansky made a good point. It may be awkward at first, but if you see through your relationship long enough those awkward feelings will soon disappear.
  16. This would be the time to confess about your loli addiction, Dirtbag. Cleanse your soul, brother.
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  17. Thank you, everyone! T-T

    I'll tell him! Btw, Yansky-san, Yoshino-senpai said that I can't send the game to the dorm. :'-( I'll try to sort out some stuff :thinking:
  18. I tried to tell him, but he thought it was a joke. :'-( Then said "Today's not April Fools' day. I'll see you later!" I was too shocked at that time to say anything. :'-(
  19. If he really thought it was a joke he's incredibly childish. Otherwise, he's probably avoiding the issue by playing it up as a joke. Either try again or... Well I don't know. I'd be pretty pissed if someone just ignored me. Maybe if he tries to play stupid again sock (punch) him one in the face. He's a guy, he'll understand that for sure.

    On the other hand, he may have his own reasons for not wanting to get involved in a relationship. You can't always assume just because he's a guy he's willing to pounce on anything. He may have personal problems/experience with sour relationships, and would like to avoid/spoiling any future ones. You can never really know unless you talk with him about. Try to get him into a serious conversation and bring it up or something. If he then plays it off as a joke you know he's just trying to hide something then.
  20. Personally I think I would actually play it off as a joke myself at first, because I wouldn't know how to respond. Other reasons I can think of include:
    1- Fear of what would happen if relationship fails and awkwardness from that (kinda like what you were fearing)
    2- More of a manga story reason but possible: does not want to for one reason or another although it may be related to being childhood friends (feels too much like family?)
    3- He might like someone else and being trying to not hurt you (I don't think this is all that likely but might as well put it up as well)
    4- Personal reasons of not wanting to get into a relationship (and by that I mean in any relationship whatsoever)
    5- Personal worth could play a part in it, maybe a thought like that he's doesn't match you or something like that or finance issues
    6- You did say he was immature so he might just be doing that because he thinks you might be trying to get him back for something he did

    Even if it was meant to be a joke I don't think it'll be off his mind anytime soon, no matter how dense you are and how much you play it off as a joke it's going to be at least at the back of your mind. Personally I think it's rather mean to have to make someone go through a second confession but that should get it through to him, if not do as Dirtbag suggested and give him a good whack or punch or kick (might not want to aim for the crotch because that would kinda redirect all thought to pain and maybe anger); that would at the very least no matter how dense he is drive home that you are serious. He might go on the defensive then but I'm just gonna put this out there because I'm not too sure how good of an idea this is but if he does still shy away from the topic or go on about why you punched him then maybe just leave without saying anything. That would also help in advertising that you are serious, if he talks to anyone else about it, said x person would probably realize if he really is that inhumanely DENSE. At the very least if he did discuss with someone he'll probably be pushed into giving some kind of an answer.

    One extra thing that I can add but its more on a personal note and I'm going to label it as something like an if all else fails, try to get him maybe not on this site (that would show what you've been saying... and us X.X i don't want to be hated) into somehow being able to communicate with us. As I said it's something really personal and I don't want to poke into your business so that you can completely disregard if you want.

    Also everyone is unique so what I listed is just what I believe could be possibilities and it could turn out that none of them are right. I... can't really think of anything else to say tbh, but you've got us here (for what it's worth) if you need anything ^^

    P.S. Sorry for huge and long block of text, I couldn't find a good place to split up that paragraph to make it easier to look at.