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Romance Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live)

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by Yansky, March 3, 2013.

  1. Ive stopped reading this a while back after starting not long, but after going back to it i love it i guess ><. i dont know its a roller coaster ride and kind of confusing at some parts (not all the way through yet) but a bitter sweet love story/stories. And not sure if ive said this before (although i have mentioned it to crystal and vigon) i get too attached to the characters and some of this breaks my heart but not really a sad story overall.
    Wouldve put the summary here but too lazy to manually do it (its a black line if i just copy it)
  2. The manga has gotten pretty lame. After the incredible plot of the early part of this...it's just really...boring. They need a new plot twist or just end it.
  3. ^^ i like it but yeah the beginning was amazing, and then its just... kinda dull now
  4. Did they skip a chapter from last week? Maybe it was on break...
  5. I.... dunno sometimes its out 2 a week sometimes not a while. Although its dependent on the translators anyways (I'm pretty sure) well something I've been wondering is that she seems to look better after he came to tokyo than when she was in the country side (don't say make-up because that does not really show up at all at least not in black and white pictures)
  6. I feel like though now that they're together the major conflict is gone. Now the manga is more of a window into their day to day lives. I'm not terribly interested in the job search. I would be more interested in something comes of this new girl and her feelings. But in the end...we all know who he will choose lol.
  7. I'm awaiting him finally deciding to open a restaurant and marrying Yuzuki :heart:
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    So...they freaking bring back the drama...and now I'm pissed!

    It's annoying because Haruto and Yuzuki will now have another long-distance relationship. I hope it isn't a whole bunch of drama again. I mean I enjoyed it in the beginning because it all somewhat worked out. But now, I'm also scared of it.
  9. I just realized this was just a back and forth between you and me, but yeah. I kinda just want to see their life play out x.x leave them alone damnit.
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    We are probably the only two still left reading this garbage...
    They broke up...AGAIN! I mean in the most rediculous of fashions too. "Oh I'm getting yelled at by my co-worker", "Oh, guess you should go back to work then", "Guess I should"...."Hey, let's break up...", "Yea, lets...", they both cry.
    I mean, spare me...please. I'm going to drop this if the next chapter doesn't do some serious fixing.
  11. T^T spoiler, i had yet to read it. Then again that was bound to happen considering the past couple chapters (since a lot of people put large blocks of text or pictures in spoilers i thought it was one of those). He...is going to have one hell of a rough time with all his old buds
  12. He is going to get crapped on left and right from both the guys and girls. I mean, why would that even enter your mind? You are the same dude who stalked this girl in Tokyo, left all your friends for and chased her down. Then you drop your then girlfriend for when she comes back into your life...*sigh*

    Drama for drama's sake. I hope they end it soon, seriously. It just needs to end.
  13. D: but i like reading it, its frustrating but the little romances between them are worth it to me ><