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Comedy Kodomo no Jikan

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Dirtbag, January 2, 2014.

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    Aoki Daisuke is a fresh, new elementary school teacher, eager to help shape and guide his young students. But he got more than he bargained for with Kokonoe Rin! This saucy third grader has knowledge beyond her years, and a deep-seated mistrust and loathing of adults. She will go to any lengths to protect her friends Kuro and Mimi, including harassment, extortion, threats, and sexual blackmail. And yet, with her friends, she is kind, caring, and self-sacrificing. Can Daisuke gain Rin's trust and save her from her dark side without falling victim to it himself? - Anime-planet

    So much loli, not enough time.
  2. Gah it's this anime, hey i may like loli sure. But when it turns dark for all the wrong reasons, i think i may as well just turn away. Still i do love the lolis sooo...bah i like it not's that bad i guess....not until the second season at least.
  3. I thought it was a great story. The anime was cheap and dry but the manga was amazing. I normally hate anything depressing or with drama but this one really grabbed my attention, and I fucking hate to read normally.
  4. The story is good, i never read the manga. Was it really that good? Because the anime was more of fan service than anything else.
  5. If the anime was fan service then the manga is borderline child porn. Nothing is shown so it's not considered Hentai but damn if that isn't one saucy manga. But I thought it was a great story, as it wasn't just comedy slices like the anime, it was almost like one long arch on character development, not only for the main characters but for the secondaries too. Not saying there weren't any cheesy, "I saw that coming" moments but the story as a hole is pretty well held together. I would recommend this to even people who aren't into loli, as the story is driven by, "The path to adult hood", so you stick with it as they become older, and watch how they change. Not just a quick snippet of comedy and drama like the anime was.
  6. Alright i will take a read at it, thanks for the information i was thinking of reading it. But now i really need to read it, i was expecting it to be similar to the anime or even worse just a fan service pointlessness that just drags on. "The path of adulthood" sounds really good hopefully it just not ends when it hits the peak, like another anime that was about another taboo subject.
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