Konnichiwa! <3

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  1. Watashi wa Pebble desu!
    And its nice to meet you!
  2. Watashi wa Ayumi desu!
  3. Welcome both of you! :D
  4. You are most welcome :D
  5. Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae Oliwia desu :-)! It's nice to meet you too!
  6. Konnichiwa, it is a pleasure to meet you :D

    By the way, does "Watashi no namae Oliwia desu" mean "My name is Mei?" I ask because I tried putting it in Google translate, and it is not always the most reliable resource lol, so I wanted to make sure :-).
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  7. "Watashi no namae Oliwia desu." mean: "My name is Oliwia.":-). And it's pleasure to meet you too:cheer:
  8. shouldn't it be "o-namae no watashi wa ... desu" ?

    nice to meet you btw =D

  9. Hmm... maybe. I think that it's correctly, but I'm not Japanese person :-). And it's nice to meet you too!:wave: