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  1. I really like the design of this site. Very neat yet inviting! :clap::-)

    Not much, at the moment, that I can say about me. I'm an inept who's trying to be a good musician, singer, writer and comic book artist. I'm not in a rush to learn and hone these skills, although I am kinda haha, and I really must stop slouching and procrastinating. :powa:

    I stumbled upon this site when I was searching for an online community where I can chat with many people about many things. My main interests are music, literature(especially epic fantasy), comics(that includes manga), animation(that includes anime) and video games. Here to make worthwhile friends and memories, see ya around, let's have some fun! :D
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  2. Welcome to the forums and the community! It's great to meet you and I look forward to hearing any music you may post in a thread of your own, if that is what you do. We're a small community and a rather slow one at the time, but we're hoping to one day flourish as our great and fearless leader is currently developing new features for the site.

    Again, welcome! :D
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  3. Thanks for the warm welcome uh...Dirt? :foolish:What's with the name, the hell, haha. Yeah, as soon as I can strum and sing my own songs properly, I'll upload them on Youtube and share them here as well. :-) Yep, this is a very fresh community, but I think it will grow into an active huge hub of fans of manga and anime, I'm sure of it. And not just those fans, any fans of anything might take interest in this site one day. :-) And as of now, I'm glad I'm one of the early marks in the forums. :peace: Thanks again, wish you the best, see ya round. :peace:
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  4. Sup yo. :wave:
  5. Nothing much man. Welcome to the community! :thumbsup:
  6. Great. Thanks mate. :D
  7. Welcome!!! I don't dabble in music (other than listening) but as far as story writing, anime, games and manga goes im game
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  8. Thanks! :peace: What king of stories do you like to write? I like to write an epic fantasy type of story that is a blend of medieval fantasy and sci fi fantasy. Kinda like a mix of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars :-)
  9. Mushi mushi B-)
  10. My stories vary a LOT, especially since its pretty much a new one every day (while I expand on some others that I think are good) but it never actually gets down in ink because I never like the way I write it. But most of the time it's one or the other and always some type of fantasy. Characters wise there are always at least some that appear (with little differences) across all of them
  11. I don't have any problem writing the general outline and basic ideas of my stories(like what happen, who happen to who, and when it happen etc), but when it comes to plan it out by writing its small-bits plots' summary, it's hard for me to express it. One, because I'm always at writer's block, and two, because I don't have much fluency in my writing repertoires. I tend to incorporate a lot of themes in my story to make it more relatable. Usually, when I'm trying to expand my storyline, the foremost ideas that came first to mind are the dialogues. From the dialogues, I build the character's personality and conflict and connection in the story.
  12. I usually start with characters then story then dialogue and battles, I have problems with writing dialogues and battles but just writing out the outline is fairly easy for me. As for actually writing the story I tend to jump it from parts and bits of the story (eg: writing chapter 2 then chapter 6)
  13. The hardest to write, for me, is the combat scene. To choreograph the scene into words is plain big difficulty. But it's one of the funnest parts in storywriting. I guess I should read more of R.A. Salvatore's writings. He's pretty excellent in writing combat.