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Manga suggest?

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by Nakashima Taiki, November 16, 2016.

  1. I have been reading a lot of manga, and now im out of stock of manga. Any suggest for it? Btw im a new guy here, and it is a honor to me to be here :D
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  2. Ive been enjoying Mayo chiki! Just finished it really :'(
  3. Yeah it's sad when a series comes to an end:'-(
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  4. Yeah it is. I read that there may be a spin off called mayo mayo. I doubt it'll be the same :(
  5. Yeah probably not :(
  6. Have you read Koe no Katachi? It's so beautiful XD There are only 7 mangas and 60 something chapts in total......:peace:
  7. I know I haven't, I think I'll look into it :thumbsup:
  8. I'll try to check it out.
  9. image. You should probably read pandora hearts , that is woooooonderful .
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  10. WOW! Love that art! :D
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  11. absolutely. It is sooo amazing =D
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  12. Koe no katachi
    (not sure if spelt right)
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  13. Oooh cool! Don't worry misspells happen :-)
  14. Shokugeki no Soma
    Tower Of God
  15. I like very much Ludwig Kakumei or Ludwig Revolution....it's not a very popular one and it is also a dark comedy for adults but I kinda enjoyed it
  16. What kind of genres do you like?