Meeting Fellow Otaku Unexpectedly

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  1. I had a cool experience at the bookstore today: I was looking at the 'Rurouni Kenshin' manga when an older gentleman (maybe in his 60's, I'm bad at age guessing) dressed in a suit noticed I was looking at them. He smiled and said that he and his son had binge-watched the DVDs of the anime recently and it was his favorite. I was like "AW!!" *_*Anyone else have sweet/funny/odd stories of unexpectedly encountering a fellow fan?

    (Another related thought: How awesome that he and his son share that interest! My parents aren't unsupportive exactly, but they really don't understand my interest in anime and manga that much. ^_^;)
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  2. My hardcore alcoholic and pot head friends watch anime, never even knew until I walked into their apartment and saw it. Also on rare occasions when it comes up at parties or outings most people do watch some form of anime, just not as hardcore as us who watch it almost religiously.
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  3. i have this situation except in reverse

    people who thought they know me would be like "whoa, wait! you watch anime? like the really off-the-mainstream stuff?"

    to be fair i just leech off my cousin's collection, she's the one who hoards the things
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  4. My mom supports me in my interest with Japan :D She's taken me 2 a Japanese festival. My dad barely knows the word anime so I just tell him I'm watching Pokémon bcuz it's the only anime he knows.
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  5. Yeah Pokemon is an excellent excuse! Well played XD

    By the way how was the festival, never been to one, but would very much like to! :-)
  6. I got influenced by cousin to watch anime in the short time I lived in Asia. When I got back to Sweden I introduced anime to most of my classmates. :D

    I think I got some of them addicted to anime :foolish:
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  7. It happens. But as I'm an old-school otaku, meeting people who don't know the classics used to kinda bug me. What happened was that i shared my knowledge of Otakudom's past with the mainstream crowd. Most didn't even realize that anime had such a long history behind it. I've since been something of a guru, both here and irl. I'm proud to be Otaku, and i'm glad to know that there's always going to be people who want to learn more about their anime roots.
  8. Heh. Same with my parents....
    Anyway, My friend invited my family to a program for homeschoolers (which I am ) and it was basically a showcase for newcomers. One of the leaders, a highschool guy who was SUPER nice, hung out with us kids a lot! Then, my friend who invited us said hey, tell her about the anime you are making about me and my sister! At first I was like.....o...k... Cause nher and her sister fight a lot, but then I was like woah! Wait did u say ANIME?! And so THAT'S how I am assisting to make an anime/manga series now lolz XD
  9. A few days ago, i unexpectedly found out that my friend was a hardcore dragon ball fan just like me. Although i dont know if he likes other animes but he has watched the beyblade series. But seriously though, i was really shocked when i found out that he was such a big db fan lol.
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  10. Aww so lucky! I can’t tell ANYONE about my anime dad would make me make a list of all the anime I watch and then be like “THIS SHOULD BE RATED 18+ YOU ARE BANNED FROM WATCHING ANIME”

    ...”it’s only Black Butler..”

    That’s only an example but that’s EXACTLY what will happen if I do tell..I don’t even have ANY otaku friends to complain about it with..DAMN IT >_<