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  1. Suggestion Title:
    Member-only "game" option
    Site Section:
    Why would this suggestion be helpful?:
    Entertainment; will help to keep members on the site for longer periods, which in turn, may attract even more members.
    Your Suggestion:
    I believe a game would really help bolster this site's attendance(though regardless of that, I think it would just be fun :-)). My image for this game(though please follow your own counsel), is some sort of "points" game like Bejeweled or some sort of click and shoot, where a minimum of two or more members can play against each other for points. It might also be nice for there to be a side panel that displays the members and how many games they've won (though I also recommend that you don't display how many times a member has lost, that would be too cruel lol).

    In closing, I just want to say that though my required "Site Section" says "Forums", this game option could really go anywhere so I just picked the top choice.

    Thank you for your time :-)
  2. I'm sorry but I don't want them to take that and change the site and make it nothing but games because if seen that happen about 20 times and trust me it's easier than it sounds
  3. Hey no problem, we are all entitled to our opinions, and if we as human beings can't respect each others opinions, we're already screwed as a race.

    Thank you for your input! :-)
  4. I believe we had something similar to that at one point, we used to (or maybe we still do) have a arcade in which you could play tetris, helicopter, snake, bejeweled, etc and compete on a hi-score leaderboard.
  5. I think having a game would be a good dynamic, but at the same time, I wouldn't want it to destract from the use of discussion or participation in forums
  6. You are very welcome :thumbsup:
  7. Sorry, we have tried arcades in the past they haven't really worked out well. Plus one hasn't been developed for this software that's good enough to use publicly.
  8. I understand completely, it was just a thought anyway, no biggie :D
  9. Maybe if it would be anime based like quizes or what's on the pic or sth, it would be more "otaku-talk" that way and users could help each other during it ^_^
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  10. I don't think we need games to keep this place because the main chat is always lit!