No Thanks Misc.: 3rd Gender Selection

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  1. Suggestion Title:
    3rd Gender Selection
    Why would this suggestion be helpful?:
    It could make those who have gender confusion or those who simply wish to keep it a secret more comfortable, and they could actually finish creating their profile.
    Your Suggestion:
    It'd be nice to have another selection for the gender selection on peoples' profiles. I've left mine as unspecified because I am not comfortable with the topic.

    However, it's a pain in the butt to have the site telling me I have to select male or female if I want my profile to be 100% "complete."

    It would also just make me and people like me much happier. It's a tiny detail that could mean a whole lot to certain people.

    It could just be "other," "not telling," or whatever. Doesn't really matter.​
  2. Gonna tag John in case he overlooked this thread seeing as it's been up a few days~
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  3. I've removed the gender from the profile completion part. I cannot add options to gender, it's a core part of the software used here.
  4. Fair enough.
    "Not specified" works just as well.