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  1. Yep. Had to do it. Just had to.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    Like it? Hate it? Do tell, plz. lelelelel

    I used to like it, somewhat. Would have only rated it like 6.5/10. I thought of it as just something to watch. However, I joined a MLP forum... and the people there... They were so very stupid. They're pretty fake. They're hypocritical. They act as if you must be friends with everyone, but ironically, they shun those that aren't "nice" to absolutely everyone. It's kinda silly. I went there and just acted as I do, and I was liked, at first, but then I randomly started getting hate, because I was being honest with people by saying their shitty fan art could be a lot better.

    However immature it is, because of these people, I've annotated "ponies" with a negative tone, and I can no longer enjoy the show at all. Not a big loss, at all. Just curious on what you people think about these ponies.
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  2. I really don't see the point over using a forum to indirectly complain about another one but that's just me. Most fanbases have weird and "fake" people -- I personal stray away from most Anime-related places for my own reasons. However, I'd say the honesty part isn't because of Bronies but more because of honesty, wherever you go, nobody's going to like it. :-P

    However, I could care less for MLP:FiM (I've only seen half an episode of the show and couldn't watch anymore), if 35 year old men like it, so be it. I don't see the difference between grown men watching MLP vs. grown men watching Anime with loli-con all over the place, they're just cartoons. Usually these cartoons are made by grown-ups anyway~

    I do think the fanart that comes out of the fandom can be absurdly adorable, though.
  3. It's a cartoon just like any other. The attention it has gained was due to 4chan being 4chan. I love anything animated, so whether that be Dexter's Laboratory, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Lilo & Stitch, etc, I love it. Places like MLP specific forums are for people who watch MLP only because it's ponies, or it was written by Lauren Faust, or because that's what gets them up, I don't really know but whatever, everyone has their own interests/reasons to like/do what they like/do.
  4. I watched MLP, but I still didn't find it all that good. I wonder why grown men watch it. Well, I don't think I want to know why they watch it then. My brother did enjoy it. It's like something you would show a little kid to teach them about friendship, well cut out the part where the "ponies" say you must be friends with everyone and the part where they don't be friends with the not-so-nice "ponies".

    Chiwwy-san, I agree with you. "Ponies". Hypocrites. And I don't think I will like it.