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  1. Hey all! So I know I've told a lot of you that I dance, and you guys were really excited and supportive of me!'s my contemporary routines! I'm the brunette in the front, the camera kinda focuses omn me if you can't tell lol. But enjoy! I'll post my Hip Hop Routine later on, k?
    ~Celeste - instant music videos There ya go!
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  2. I LOVE IT *_*:cheer::heart:
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  3. You definitely have your act together, kiddo!!!
  4. WOAH!!! THAT'S SO AWESOME!!!*_**_*:cheer:
  5. *_*AWESOME!!!!! SO COOL!!!!!*_*
  6. Hah Arigato Ippan-san! Its been a long, hard year, but totally worth it :D
  7. Arigato Nyan! I think you'll rlly like my Hip Hop!
  8. Thx! Like I told minx, I think you'll like my hip hop
  9. I Really want to see your hip hop now!!! Nyan~*_*
    Can't wait!!!!
  10. I'll have it tomorrow Nyan!
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  11. YAY!!! I'm so HYPED to see it!!!!*_*:cheer:
  12. *_* I'm burning with excitement :powa: *background literally on fire*
  13. Oooh! You are so talented! AWESOME:powa::cheer: