My introduction! And the first on the forums! :D

Discussion in 'Hajimemashite' started by Strangeasylum, September 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I'm Strangeasylum. I'm one of the mods on this website and I hope to serve you guys very well! I'm 17 (Until Dec. 27) and am a senior in highschool. I live in Florida and love to work on film. My hobbies include gaming (especially CSS), watching films/tv, cooking, browsing the web, and working to make this website a better place! I hope you guys like the forums and I wish us all a prosperous future!
  2. oh hai yo! Nice to meet you I am glad you started this thread off so others can post too! It's nice to have things here before well before all of it is here! ^_^
  3. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! :D and welcome to the forums :3
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  4. WTH? XD My birthday is in March BAKA!! lol
  5. this isn't your thread hellcat, baka. and I know we have close birthdays :-P SILLY FUKO
  6. omg LOL i thought this was mine I had so many windows open hahah XD yes Baka me
  7. Huehuehue Capricorns cry out!