Neighbours Club ( Rijin-bu )

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  1. Anyone watched Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai? I figured this might be interesting.

    Main purpose of the club : 1. To make friends.
    2. To learn social skills

    Activities of the club : Well, I'm not so sure of that.

    So now to create the Rijin-bu! :D
  2. I am Dirtbag and I want social skills! :3

    As for activities, we could set up game/movie nights. Using the bG TeamSpeak server or tiny eye to chat while in-game or watching a movie through SyncTube. Besides that though I don't really know what else could be done over the webs of net.

    Also when I first say the name of the thread I immediately thought GJ-bu.
  3. Whatever would this "friends" be, in which the OP refers to in such a casual manner?
  4. You, me and everyone here! :D
  5. Havent gotten past the first ep (i think it was prologue) of that anime so not too sure. But im in, im rather horrible at socializing with people although it is easier for me online, especially if its through typing not voice
  6. Harem club!*
  7. Harem club? (thinking of harem anime like Seitokai no Ichizon, School Days, etc...) Well, we'll have to put a ban on yanderes.
  8. Same here... :dread: Not to mention I have to go for a goukon next week. :dread: That means, I have to socialise with 3D people!! I'm good at speaking, phew. But it's only if it's for a speech.
  9. Friends club... :thinking:

    Online people are really true friends right?