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Discussion in 'Hajimemashite' started by Philosopher_Ai, February 18, 2013.

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  1. Hello, my name is Philosopher_Ai. I somehow stumbled across this website. Since it looked very helpful, I wanted to join. I'm new to forums and the sort. I'm also really shy... so it's kind of scary introducing myself. Please be gentle with me. :sadeyes:
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  2. Welcome to the forums! It's okay to be shy, but don't afraid, we wont bite. ^^
  3. Would I be an idiot if I didn't know what a forum was but I still signed up for a website that has forums?
  4. Not at all. If you're new to forums and message boards, they can be a bit daunting. Not everyone uses them either, so it's not abnormal to not know what they are. :D
  5. Phew, I almost thought I looked like a retard. What sort of programs do you use to get the pictures and videos onto the note and how do you get them as well? I'm a total noob when it comes to these things.
  6. Capture.PNG

    To add them, click those images, and select the URL (eg:, and then it will work itself.

    Another way to add images is through the "Upload a File" Button in the bottom right hand corner of your text area.
  7. Thanks so much~! :cheer: but how did you take a picture of the message thingy to show me?
  8. I used a program that comes with Windows, the Snipping Tool, and I edited it with Photoshop to make it look as though I was posting as you, to make it easier to understand from your point of view.
  9. Thanks for making things simpler! :D
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  10. Welcome! We're not that popular of a place (yet) but I'm glad you still decided to be apart of us even though you weren't sure on what a forum is. :-P
    Enjoy your time here and make some friends. :heart:
  11. yo waz gud m8? hao u duin?

    Anyway, yeah, hello and welcome and such. Things are still rather slow and in development as of right now, but stick around and help out by simply posting stuff and this place shall flourish. You seem nice enough, so you should stay with us, and we can all become the new dango daikazoku. If you need any help with some of the features, I'm pretty sure anyone here will be willing to help you out, we're all cool, here. o;
  12. Ohaiyou!, Welcome to the forums!
  13. Goddamnit im always late to new threads... Welcome ;)i know how you feel cause i was just the same way before (on the bg forums although i guess i didnt really have to say that here) but yeah this place is still new and we dont have too much activity yet but slow and steadily we're getting there. If you need help with anything ask here, if its technology related we can always forward it to Syntax :-P.
    Ika about your first post... well most of us wont bite although i might, just to get a taste (no hostile feelings though) after all im part wolf B-).
    But aside from that you might the occasional messy fart or barfing from Vita, well... mostly... :dread:
    >,< all in all glad you joined us, feel free to do anything thats not against the rules and ask anything if you're not sure or if you're just curious.
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