No More Intro Procrastination!

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  1. Hi there!
    I've been kind of lurking around this site and posting here and there. I figured I'd finally post a (kind of) proper introduction, mostly because it's passed 2AM and I'm avoiding going to bed. Welp! You can call me pretty much anything you'd like, really. I'm just a boring 18 year old student that spends a lot of their time roaming the Internet and playing pixel horror games. Mad Father is one of my favorites (Ayaaaa, I love you) and I'm currently playing The Witch's House! I'm always open to recommendations when it comes to anime, manga, and webtoons. I don't really have any favorite genres of anime and I will watch just about anything I happen stumble upon. I do tend to struggle to get through the longer series though... as in I have never accomplished getting passed 26 episodes /sobs. I fancy all things cute and I'm always open for a chat! I really hope I can make some good friends here.
  2. Hey, I was gone for the past week at Michigan, so you probably haven't seen me yet. Well, I am Tammymatty, a 14 year-old that plays eroges, watches plenty of anime, and loves first person shooters (CS:S). I haven't really tried pixel horrors yet, but I watched Pewdiepie play plenty of them! (Including Mad Father and its sequel) I have played Amnesia: The Dark Descent though. And before I forget, Welcome to Otaku Talk! :heart:

    PS.: Its 4:45 AM
  3. Welcome, officially. :D
  4. Welcome! :3

    Good choice in games, by the way. I've been meaning to check out Witch's House for soooo long. Have you ever bothered with Yume Nikki + Spin-off games? Although those don't really have much story/direction as other games of the genre do.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Tammymatty (Male)
    Thanks for the welcome! And welcome back from Michigan! I actually played the beginning of Amnesia but I never finished it after I cleaned out my laptop.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Thank youuu! You should! I haven't gotten very far yet but it is pretty fun. I have played part of Yume Nikki and I've played a fan made version of it. But the original game is kind of confusing, I don't really get what you're supposed to be doing.
    I'm sure I will enjoy it here! c:
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  6. Welcome to OT, Pixel. I hope we can become good friends as well. :peace:

  7. Thank you!! Being good friends sounds fabulous!
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    Have fun, here.
    Or else.
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  9. lets not forget who got u into eroge lol

    Oh Hai yo Gozaimasu btw
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  10. Oh my, my heart can't handle such threats!
    Thank you for welcoming me!

    Thanks for the welcome!
  11. Welcome Pixel, I have been absent for a little mostly because I've been occupied with other things, but I guess it's time to stop hiding in the curtains this summer. I hope to become friends and I also hope you enjoy your time here on OT ;)
  12. Hello there, Fruit! Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad you're back and I hope to see you around the forums. I think I really will enjoy my time here.