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    Yato, a minor god, dreams to become the most revered deity in the world with big shrine and all. However, being a penniless god that he is, he has a long way to go and his shinki leaving him doesn't help matter. Later, when he does his job, a high school girl named Hiyori Iki pushes him out of the way of a speeding bus; unaware of his status as deity.

    Things get complicated when this incident triggers abnormality in Hiyori's soul, causing her to make an Astral Projection whenever she falls unconscious. To turn herself back to normal, Hiyori must help Yato becoming a better god who can fix the problem, along with Yato's new shinki, Yukine.

    Producers: Bones, Avex Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment, Kodansha, Ai Addiction
    Genres: Action, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural
  2. Just finished up the final episode and it is indeed a must watch show. Lots of great action, some feels along the way and the animation is top-notch.
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  3. I really love the OST kinda reminds me of Persona 3/4 music.
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  4. I second this recommendation. It was iffy to me at first but then I got pretty into it. 8/10 If you have not seen it you should watch it
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  5. They are coming out with another season for Persona 4. Can't wait.
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    Gonna definitely check this out.
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