Not sure if dead...

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  1. or just unpopular site.

    Either way, I wanna join, because I can.

    I like to post things. A lot. So if I'm allowed to make 3071 posts a day, here, then I like this place.
  2. This site isn't dead, just not as popular. Glad to have you along! We just need more members and we would be set! :-)
  3. You've got me on the site; it's impossible for this place to ever be dead.

    I would totally start an entire forum and make sure no one else joins, that way I can just have discussions with myself on every topic in the entire universe. I'm friggin' weird. :meow:
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  4. Humorous. And damn. You really made this place feel alive.
  5. Well, think about it; no one is gonna wanna join a forum without frequently added content, so I help by spamming tons of content for discussion. You see, if everyone would not be like "o luk dis place iz ded :<" and were instead like "omj dis place iz ded... betr halp bring it 2 lyfe :3c", then there would be tons of members and tons of content for all to enjoy. It's a simple notion, but somehow it seems to be a common problem on like erry site dat isn't uber popular.

    Also. Like I said. Posting things to myself is fun. [​IMG]
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  6. Hi, welcome.

    I have just one question: How did you find these forums?
  7. Through the Electrical Ocean of course!
  8. Basically this even though I don't even know the reference.

    Nah. I sat there on Google. Totally just looked up "Otaku Forums" like a badass. Saw all those forums that have thousands of member who fap over Naruto and I just said no thanks (not hating on the series, it's just the fans themselves were stupid about liking it). It was like on page 8 that I found this place. It didn't seem too dead; at least I could help revive it or something, and it didn't seem to be a stupid site, so I joined. I also just like to be one of the first users to register on such a site, because I love being one of the "original users". It's the inner hipster in me.
  9. I call it being proactive.
  10. yeah, that feeling of original makes you feel good after you have a successful forums. Which is why starting now, we should at least put some posts and threads on this forum and make it feel less spacy and quiet :powa:
    AND enjoy ourselves in otaku discussions.
  11. I'm always seeing multiple guests on this site. Dunno if that means legit guests or people who have hidden their online status or what. Either way, yes, we must fill in teh gaps in dis place, and I'm totally gonna take charge and do that, because I am hardcore.
  12. Guests= People who aren't logged in, or people who haven't registered an account.
  13. I hope they're mostly people who just haven't registered yet; this place needs to get big. :V
  14. I'm not really doing any exposure on this site right now because honestly I want it to be small. It was only a few weeks ago I completely opened registration so it's pretty small now. Once we have all the features like the review system, blog system, club system etc then I will be doing a full exposure plan for this site. Right now it's just going to grow very slowly and organically via word of mouth from you guys.
  15. :< And how long will it take for all those whatnots to appear? Impatient teenager me is impatient.
  16. You'll be the "new" Hardcore (people from bG should get this)
  17. Inside jokes...
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  18. Oh, a long time. This is a long time project, but I will definitely try to promote the community forum aspect of it. But there is nothing stopping you guys from inviting your friends :-).

    Actually you can do fairly easy:
  19. 'Kay, lemme jus- oh wait I'm already done.
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  20. Oh got i lol'd so hard at the idea of hardcore actually reading and / or posting here.
    Which leads me to another question, what am i doing here?