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  1. So here is a thread you can post all the weird cool, freaky, wtf sided stuff of Japan you find! Please try to keep this thread semi respectable no nudity or things other would consider gross use your best judgement!

    We can start this off with the Sleep tie!
  2. I am excited and scared for this thread D:
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  3. I know haha XD
  4. japanisweird-com-d81c7c.
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  5. omg is that real LOL?
  6. [​IMG]

    I love translations. =B
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  7. Bet they do great hair though LOL you would think someone would say something.

  8. I would go there
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  9. LOL...WHAT?
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  10. rofl...
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  11. japanisweird-com-56a40a (1).
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  12. hahah this is great

  13. Why I Wish I Lived In Japan

  14. Kinda neat but....i dunno I doubt that would fly in the states.
  15. Yeah people would just call you a furry and you'd get strange looks.
  16. Constipation Have it Your Way!
  17. .. Next time our family goes on vacation i will make sure to go to japan, for anime merchandise (although SAO takes priority)
  18. I have no words for this thread..
    Except for these..