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    This thread is dedicated to collecting as much anime music as possible!

    I myself will try to contribute at least once a week, but if this thread is going to be fun it's going to need contributions from as many members as possible; so if you see some good anime music please don't hesitate to link it! :powa:

    (As a courtesy please try to focus on music from the anime itself, but if you see an an AMAZING amv and you just have to share it, well who am I or others to judge lol ;) Thank you!)

    My first contribution is from Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings II - Hideyoshi's Theme (It's AWESOME!) And I clearly own none of it lol XD

  2. Here's my first contribution :peace:
  3. Excellent addition! :powa:
  4. Here's one that will just make you want to do some fancy footwork!

  5. this is something laid back and funky fresh, yalls B-)
  6. Yeah it sure is lol :-)
  7. it was spur of the moment lol B-)
    besides love the anime :cheer:
  8. XD Well said!
  9. I have yet to see an opening song as awesome as this (be warned this is for a anime video game, but it is anime, lol talk about walking on a thin line XD)

  10. Here's Nobunaga! lol

  11. If you like orchestra music in your anime, this one is a must!

  12. Okay time for the ultimate speech/off to war music!

  13. Oh yeah, this one is good. It's the opening fr Texhnolyze. If anyone is curious the song is called Guardian Angel (Xavier's Edit) and it's by Juno Reactor. The original song, Guardian Angel, is around seven minutes long. The opening is only about a minute and a half though.
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  14. From Kimi to Boku. I just can't stop replaying this.
  15. What a beautiful song!:'-(

    It's peaceful and assuring!T-T
  16. Ugh this is hands down my favorite OST. My favorites from here are at 0:43:48, 0:51:14, and 0:56:28. Hits you right in the feels.
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  17. Awesome thank you for contributing!!! :-)
  18. this is so uplifting enjoy!
  19. Nice one! Thanks for contributing! :D
  20. Here's one of those dark voice themes from Black Bullet

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