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  1. Hi, Nice to meet you all. I'm new here.
    please take care of me.:meow:
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  2. Welcome! Glad to see a new face around here! :-)
  3. Welcome to the forums! Please feel free to create threads and/or post! We are always happy to see new members join us. :D
  4. Welcome! Always good to get more people (seeing how small we are right now, lol). I look forward to seeing your posts on the forumns. :-)

    Add: If you have the time, check out our arcade! It's fairly new, but its still fun. I would like a few more challengers for Snake and Helicopter. It might take you awhile to beat my scores though, I spent atleast 3 hours total on Snake, and about 7 hours on Helicopter :-P (No life FTW)
  5. This little show-off here...:nono:
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