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Adventure One Piece

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by Zefreonnoerfez, March 8, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Apparently , the manga will last until 2020 :cheer:
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  3. I think that either Pudding or Sanji will have to cook to give Luffy & Cie a chance to flee.
  4. Zoro level Condoranio super power god ...
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  5. i was hoping that one piece still has about 15 more years before ending
  6. I know huh thats awesome
  7. it is ❤
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  8. Oh my... I'm really getting worried about Oda's quality, I mean it's been at least 2 or 3 chapters that we have that run & chase game between BM and the SHs...

    Barto steal this one for me.
  9. Take it easy hyunhyun the God ODA' s know about it xD hes knows everything xD
  10. I hope so, lol
  11. Oven’s trash.

    Other than that, we finally are going to have a Mink at full moon~

    This being said, we have Rayleigh preparing us for any next bs power ups...:dread:
  12. https://jaiminisbox....en/0/888/page/1

    Finally Carrot is doing something amazing,
    She seemed much more impressive than Sanji speedblitzing Oven, she was just against the weak members but, still, it felt much more impressive.

    They, Daifuku and his men, pointed out that Carrot had transformed into the "minks true form", they also looked defeated just by it, does that mean that Big Mom couldn't conquer the Minks and they are aknowledging that they are stronger than one of the top brass of her crew? I would not bet on that but, it is interesting that they feared her and couldn't rival her speed.

    Was it stated that there was a limit to the power that Carrot is using? (I would suggest that it would work as long as the full moon is here.)

    Dogtooth isn't just letting the strikes of Luffy passing through anymore but, he is dodging them instead, has he used too much of his haki?