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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Fruit, January 29, 2014.

  1. Hello all! I'm Fruit (well that's obvious).Ok so today, I was thinking about this a lot and I wish to you all that you will consider as well.

    I wish to host a group meet up or "fun night" to sit down, relax and play osu. I think this would be also helpful in getting to know each other a little better too (in some sense). I'm usually open whenever so I will have to let you guys decide on when.

    If you all want to get on skype, steam, teamspeak (I have a friend who owns a teamspeak server that wouldn't mind us borrowing for the evening, in fact she welcomes it), or any other social interaction through voice (or type) that'd be cool. Don't be afraid to speak, I am quite nice and open ;) and quite a few others here in OT.

    Everyone will be able to choose a song they want to play at least once. If we get through everyone's and still have time for more, we'll work it out from there (depending on how many people show up).

    Please, PLEASE, if your considering on joining this small event, please leave available times in your post so I can get an idea of when we could be available at the most reasonable time!
    Having Fun
    I want everyone to have a good time and enjoy and get to know each other and have fun. If anyone starts bashing at others or judging people, I will step in (I know some of us will bash at each other but its only for fun but if it starts to sound serious, then we got a problem there)

    So Drop down a comment below if you have any questions and/or if your willing to come. (Its not required to come, if you couldnt make it, you couldnt make it, life happens, I understand. There is no strict schedule or exact time we need to meet. Remember, This is just an activity just to get to know each other and play osu! Hell you dont even have to play osu!, if you want to come just to meet people, thats fine too.
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  2. I'm down anytime
  3. Sounds fun. I can't define a time cause I have no set schedule, but when a time is set I can try to show up.
  4. I forgot to add one little detail, does somewhere around mid-late Febuary sound fine for an estimate date? I think it gives enough time to prepare.
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  5. My schedule usually changes when it changes (Mainly my dad's weekends), but I am usually free anytime after school. (3:30 pm - 11:00 pm CST)
  6. I'm down. I have no set schedule also. So you can do it whenever, if i'm not available then oh well.
  7. I would really love todo this somewhat on a Friday if possible or Saturday( Somewhere where school wont be an issue and/or work)
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  8. I can play Osu! with you whenever. Username: Wazurau