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    Osu!. A game that is absolutely amazing; no question about it. Don't care who you are or what you do -- I love this game, and I'll kill your if your opinion differs from mine, because in this world, nobody can have a different opinion than me.

    Jokes aside, I really like this game. It's a very simple, point and click rhythm game that's got tons of anime music and the like available on the 100% user-created bank of "beatmaps" (or songs available to play). And since the beatmaps are user-created, that means the entire game is free. Yep. Free. Fun, yes?

    It's a bit awkward to try and explain, but what you have to do is click the circle on the screen, once the circle on the outside of that circle closing in reaches the centre... eh... Nevermind. How about you just look at a video, instead, and figure out the rules for yourself?

    Now keep in mind; this guy is a total noob.

    Anyway, I'm done advertising the game. You can look up info and whatnot if you want on your own.

    As I said, I really like this game. I've played it for about a year and a half, now. But I took a large break in the middle of that. To give an idea of how much I play, and how good I've gotten, here's a video of a beatmap I'm currently trying to beat:

    I personally play with a mouse, and a cheap-butt one at that. I am right handed, click with my left finger, and also use the "f" key on my keyboard for when I need to stream some faster streams.

    So, is anyone else a no-life at the game, like me?
  2. Ah yes, I play Osu! alot.
    I suck at it, but I find it fun when I'm bored.
    I can barely play the normal songs, and i get destroyed on the hard songs, lol.
  3. I've always had a good sense of rhythm, and I've been playing video games since I was like, 4. My absolute no-life lifestyle doesn't help; I pick up on games very quickly, and master them within a short amount of time.

    I take pride in my skills, but also feel ashamed. I could be a lot better, but I don't legitimately practice to get good, because I only play games to entertain myself.
  4. I tried, but I'm too white to understand what's happening in this game, and things move way to fast. o.O

  5. Too... white? idonteven...

    My left finger out of the fingers that are sitting on my mouse while I hold it; a.k.a. my right index finger. Because people hold a mouse and have two fingers on it; one for left click one for right click.
  6. He was saying only Asians play this game, well atleast that's what I think. :-P
  7. True dat. Think of white people like HP, and Yellow people like ASUS. Big difference in performance capabilities and usability.
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  8. Do you recommend/use any skins?
    The one I use is "WonderVision", very clean and neat.
  9. Looked it up and you're right. Very clean. Simple, too.

    I personally don't care how the look of things are. I can easily adjust to skins and whatnot (probably because I'm such a no life at the game). I use this Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica one:
    I'm at school right now, and a lot of the time, I can't see images on forums and whatnot, because many image hosting sites are down, so I don't know if the screenshots on the page are working or not.

    I like it. Because Madoka. Basically the only reason why. I've been looking for more skins, myself. Something Bakemonogatari/Senjougahara-themed would be awesome, but I'm assuming it would be a bit... questionable, because that's how the anime itself is.
  10. Ive seen this a lot... didnt know it was free though, ill check it out. And yeah i started playing games at an early age but i typically dont get better at them after a certain point because i only play for my own entertainment (which usually doesnt include other players)
  11. I can finally play Osu! at home because I got a new laptop (I had to play only on the computers at my school, before).

    I decided to get a new skin and to play around with the files and stuff and then record myself playing.
    While the quality of the video isn't too great, you can still at least tell what's going on.
  12. What are you? I seriously dont get how ppl can do it that crazily fast... but anyways how do you change the skins and stuff? (or rather a link would be nice) and lol K-ON. >< Mio and Azusa so cute.
  13. I am a seventh dimensional time traveling zombie yandere super tulpa from the future.

    If you just go to Osu!'s site, check the skinning section of the forum (there's a link to post in my video description, for example). You'll find tons of skins there and such. They have download links. Assuming you have winrar, just take the files out of the .rar and put them in your Osu! skins folder. Then you can just go into Osu! and change it from the options menu.

    Google would have worked, too, mate, and better at that. :u
  14. Maybe sometime me, you, and some other forum friends can play together?
    It'll be fun! :D
  15. I am going to be dissolved into oblivion if that happens ><
  16. MY..... BRAIN..... HAS..... BEEN..... BLOWN! Well, since I always got a nice quanity of time, I think I will try it out and attempt to get on your level. This will take me awhile, by that I mean atleast 72 hours of total gameplay time. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. (But don't overestimate me XD)

    Now I just need to download it xD

  17. About my level.
  18. My experience with Osu!

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  19. my highest combo so far is about 200. Will play some more tommorow and practice :D

    Edit: My newest score is 1,203,018 with a combo of 354 on Star's Normal Mode - Playing on Muteki no Soldier
  20. I see that there is a multiplayer feature. Can I safely assume that where you get a lobby of people and everyone plays the same song at the same time to see who is the best?