Otaku Frandu?

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U got me fam?

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  1. I know a dashing human being like me!

    Not having and anime loving friend!?

    PREPOSTEROUS! Sadly my dear reader... Its true

    I require the most dank of anime watcher
    I require that you have seen ATLEAST A MINIMUM OF 20 seconds of any anime.... (Including cory in the house)

    I know "Dicoma your standards are too high!!!!"

    well my young little cub I am too good for scrubs liek u...

    On a serious note, I don't have anybody to rant to about animoo related things....

    How do I make animoo frandu's?

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  2. You can make anime threads, just need it to be a topic that interests more people than just those who watched a single show. Everyone here watches anime yes, but we all have our own tastes and interests, so it's probably better to make any anime related discussion more... Open to interpretation, not just a locked topic.
  3. You're a god
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  4. I know your feels! :thinking: I am also in need of otaku buddies!