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OtakuTalks world demographics

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by RavenShadow, July 1, 2016.


Which world region are you from?

  1. North America

  2. Latin America (everything south of the Rio Grande)

  3. Europe

  4. Africa

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  5. Middle East

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  6. Asia

  7. Austrailia-Pacific(everything south and east of Papua New Guinea)

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  1. I have loved geography for as far back as I can remember, so I would love to see what the demographic percentages of OtakuTalk are. I divided the world into "regions," if you don't agree with how I've done this, please forgive me, as I was trying to divide the world by "culture." If you want to be more specific about where you come from, please post about it I don't know about the others on this site but I for one would LOVE to hear about it :-)

    Have fun! :thumbsup:
  2. I'm Asian, South East Asia to be specific. It's pretty hot here. XD
  3. Yes I bet it is lol, thank you so much for commenting :-) :thumbsup:
  4. You've got a Canadian right here! *points to self*
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  5. Well welcome Canadian! You're looking at a man of of American birth right here! B-)

    As fellow North Americans lets get along :agreement:
    I look forward to your posts :D:powa:
    Thank you for contributing! :-)
  6. Lol "As fellow members let's get along" seems more appropriate. But I feel ya, haha
  7. Man you totally nailed the anime/manga response:powa:

    I knew my response was off the moment I typed it lol :foolish:

    In any case I hope you have fun and I'm looking forward to your posts :-) :powa:
  8. Well I'm Korean but live in America so...

    Idk man. ^_^;
  9. Oh my humblest apologies, I thought you lived in Canada. :foolish:
    It's cool that your Korean, I'm just just your average nice Caucasian male lolB-)
  10. Latin American XD not many Otaku stores
  11. Haha I bet that's true. XD
    Stay strong, I'm sure stores will appear soon :powa:
  12. I hope XD Luckily I have a friend who is Japanese so :D
  13. Hey that's cool!! *_*

    I'm very envious>_< lol

    Be sure to be nice to him/her XD

    Thanks for contributing!!! :thumbsup: