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  1. Konichiwa Otakus!
    Im going to make goals over the summer, but I am short on what todo. Think you guys may give some suggestions?
    A few things to know about me:
    I love harem, romance, action, and slice of life animes.
    I love harem, romance Visual Novels
    I typically don't read manga that much, just VN's
    Also I'm fixing to work on an otaku room with Tapestries, figurines, and etc.

    I want you guys to suggest things to me so I don't get bored of Summer :zZz:

    Goals so far
    1. Learn Japanese (Priority for going on trips to Japan)
    2. Make An Otaku Room
    3. Fortissimo
    4. kamidori and himegari
    (more Entries will come!)

    Sayonara for now! :wave:
  2. I noticed a lot of us here don't speak/read/write Japanese, but are all wishing we could. Adding insult to injury, we all share a common set back, we're unmotivated and/or lost, or just haven't gotten around to it.So, I believe in studying as a group, it's why schools are to this day still a better learning experience than homeschooling. I don't actually know how to accomplish this however, but I'm sure if we had a few people to help and support eachother, it would most definitely benefit everyone in the long run.
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  3. Oh, don't worry. I'm going to do whatever it takes to learn japanese. my motivation has gone up %250 due to all the VN's I want to read x.x (that arent in English)
  4. It's okay guys. I'm Japanese. Just tell me what you want translated and I'll translate it for you!
  5. That's what they all say but, nah, you're white.
  6. Nah, you're Mexican.
  7. Dammit, YP.
  8. Your going to try to learn Japanese? I already started :-P although, I am using an old rossetta Stone disk, so its not going very fast, but I am making progress. Just so you know, Himegari isn't translated, but you probably already knew that. And just so this isn't that off topic, you can try to get 1'st place in all of the arcade games, but I guess that isn't really productive. As for studying in a group, that might help, because by myself, its pretty hard to remember the sounds of the letters and certain words et cetera. So maybe starting a thread where you talk to eachother in Japanese might help people remember through conversations, I know this would help me atleast

    Add: My Rossetta Stone mixes the Hirigana and Katakana during lessons, so that also makes it pretty weird
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  9. I'm mostly learning the reading portion of Japanese. I learned speaking with phrases from various animes and VN's I've seen and watched. so I know how to start a simple conversation with known sounds, but not full blown lol. Which is why I'm learning the rest of it this summer.
    My goals start tomorrow! June 1st- August(TBA)
  10. I am trying to mainly learn reading portion too. But since you are learning the reading portion, you are more than likely going to learn how to speak it fairly well too. If you want, I could try to upload the pdf for my Japanese one class that has all the Japanese letters and what sound they make. It doesn't have the... uuhhhh.... I forget what its called, but the symbols that mean a word (Such as 9 with a circle around it meaning Baka).
  11. You can always hit the gym, socialize, go out with friends/girlfriend/boyfriend, party, etc.
  12. Fruit, if I made a VN over the summer which involved 50 clones of Crystal would you play it?

    Hmm... Would Crystal play it?
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  13. Depends on how cute the girls look :-P
  14. Actually instead of clones, it would be 50 Crystals from different universes put into one school. You can choose to be Fruit or Crystal. They all look like Crystal except one would be a chain smoker with an artificial voice box, one didn't give Dusk to Fruit and now has 200g after she bought all of her equipment, etc.
  15. Well, your almost 2 weeks in, hows learning Japanese going? I, for one, have completely lost my drive for it in the hope that I will get into a Japanese class my sophmore year.
  16. "w-watashi-w-wa.. Aw, who am I kidding?"
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  17. Guild Wars 2
  18. Summer still hasnt started for me :'-( and yeah lack of motivation or giving up part way is the major killer in most things. You can catch a lot of phrases from Animes and VN's but its not exactly like theyre actually that practical and overall the biggest problem i have with it is the word placement in a sentence
  19. Summer............ It's the season of romance! My goal? Hmm..... I'm not interested in 3D guys so I guess I'll be staying home and watching more anime and reading more manga. Anyway I plan to finish reading 8 history books I borrowed from the library, finish my summer homework and go to the beach!! :D Maybe watch fireworks with my childhood friend?
  20. I just bought 2, 1:16 model airplanes. A F4U-4 Corsair, and an A6M Zero. Two of the most beautiful, and dangerous, planes of WWII. It'll most likely take me several months to build them and paint them, so I'm probably not going to have time for anime or video games anymore.