Parking Lot "Bonuses" - Is it okay to keep found cash?

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  1. We've all found loose money in some parking lot or another, and instantly the moral part of our brains kicks in with: Is it okay to keep this? Someone else dropped it!

    Fret not. Most of us are used to this feeling, and have long since bound and gagged our "morality" when dealing with situations like these. I'm here to explain why you should just grab the money and walk away.

    1. Once it falls to the ground, it's open game. 9 times out of 10, the person who dropped the cash doesn't even realize it's gone, so tell the good angel on your shoulder to take a hike, grab the cash, and move on...

    2. It can't be identified.... Unless the original owner was totally anal about writing down serial numbers and such (and I've never run into anyone like that), it can't be identified. If someone spots you picking up the cash and asks for it back, claiming to be the "rightful owner", you can bet it's someone just as opportunistic, but much slower than you, and they're trying to fake you out. This is what you do in that case (while hiding the money from their view) - A: Ask the person which president is on the bill - On some bills, this is a trick question, since if you found the rare $100 bill, Ben Franklin was never president. B: Ask how much the bill or bills were, and in which denominations. They probably don't even know, and will guess wrong every time. C: Ask for the last 4 digits of the serial number(s).

    3. In any case, you're probably gonna get to keep the cash, but in the event that the person starts threatening to call the cops on you, as if you were robbing them, STAY CALM AND HAVE YOUR PHONE CAM RECORDING EVERYTHING, especially if they're crazy enough to try punching themselves in an effort to make it look to the police as if you mugged them (this happens). This recording will be proof enough of your innocence to the cops, and they will most likely transport your would-be-blackmailer to the nearest mental health facility for assessment.

    There is no moral high ground when you find loose cash in a parking lot. Just walk up, take the money, and walk away as if nothing happened. No one will be the wiser, and no one is hurt. Working at Wal-Mart on 3rd shift is perfect for parking lot and store floor bonuses, since all the drunks come rolling in as soon as the bars close. I once found over $100 in the motorized cart area that was dropped by a group of rowdy drunks. Word of advice in this situation - NEVER turn it in to the shift manager, since they will keep the money for themselves (See #2, above).

    It doesn't happen very often, and you'd be foolish to turn down such a gift from the gods.
  2. There was one time I went with my grandmother to the mall and she was going to pay the for the parking. She put the cash in and was waiting for change but it didn't come out. So she gave it a small hit and she got three times more change then what she paid for the parking XD. The hilarious part was that it happened to my grandmother often. :suspicious: I bow to her superior experience
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  3. Your gran certainly knows how to handle an uppity machine. I have much respect for her.
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