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    Phantasy Star Online 2 is a video game in the Phantasy Star series, published by Sega and released for Microsoft Windows on July 4, 2012. It is scheduled for release on iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita on February 28, 2013. It is currently released in Japan, with North American and European release scheduled for 2013.

    Free to Play Game

    First off: ANIME THEMED

    Game style: Mission based/Dungeon based

    Fighting: Free Form fighting (not turn fighting like Pokemon)

    Classes: Hunter, Ranger, Force

    Sub-Classes: Fighter, Gunner, Techer

    Races: Newman (Elf like), Human, and Casts (cyborgs)


    List your Opinions of the game and stuff. what do you think? btw, the fights they have in the game are so intense. I never have gotten bored of PSO2 yet nor am I going to cause it keeps getting more exciting.

    Here are some screenshots of me in the Lobby of PSO2:
    Note: this is the JP version of the game, /w an English patch. So if your going to download it in JP, and you don't know how to read Hiragana, send me a PM.
    pso20130305_003604_000. pso20130307_011750_008. pso20130307_011713_007. pso20130307_011450_001. pso20130307_011450_001.

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  2. I'm extremely excited for the NA release of this (Ever since TERA got dull real fast). I remember playing this as a kid on Dreamcast...then years later on Gamecube when I found it at an exboyfriend's house -- it was all we did after school!

    I also didn't know it was going to be on other platforms, I'm really interested to see how it goes on iOS/Android.

    I can only imagine how popular the Newman race is going to be with people let alone the Newman-Force combination, haha.
  3. It seems pretty good, imma try it out once it gets its NA release. Also, wasn't there a fourth race? I have played Phantasy Star Universe on my 360 and absolutely loved being a cast, but there was a transforming race like a beast I think(Something around that area). Also, will this game be a subscription, cause PSU was (Buy 360 membership + subscription for the game itself)?
  4. It'll be Free-to-Play.
  5. Who's playing this game?
  6. I use to play it, but I got tired of keeping up with all the patches you had todo, heard there was an auto patch thing for english users, but I'm playing alot of Aura Kingdom, havent played PSO2 ina while
  7. oh. i see..
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    I can speak half japanese, but not fully read it, cause Kanji is annoying to learn..., or I would be playing the jap version lol.