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  1. For a lot of people, building scale models is a good way to spend time. Myself, i've been a modeler since I was little (my first kit was a snap together Star Wars custom van), and over the years I've developed my skills in painting and detailing.
    So those of you who enjoy building models, here's your chance to show off your skills! Post photos here of your best builds for everyone to see!
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    IMG_20170612_181132. IMG_20170612_181300. IMG_20170612_181234. IMG_20170612_181045. Revell 1:48 scale B-29 Superfortress. Still not complete even after 2 years. It's a huge kit. I decided against displaying it with landing gear down and locked as the thing is massive. It's gonna be a hanging display.
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    IMG_20170612_220635. IMG_20170612_220426. IMG_20170612_220507. IMG_20170612_220421. IMG_20170612_180259. P-38 Night Lightning in 1:48 scale. Modified from a stock P-38 Revell kit. Note the weathering along the leading edges of the wings and mud on the tires. Also of note is the attention to detail on the interior nose gun compartment and wing pylon superchargers. The bubble canopy was added by removing the original rear cockpit, then adding a longer section.
  4. P-61 "Black Widow", the first night fighter used by the US in WWII. This was a stock build in 1:48 scale, from a reissued Revell kit.

    IMG_20170612_180313. IMG_20170612_180336. IMG_20170612_180348.
  5. Bell UH-1 Iroquois, the "Huey" gunship used in various roles during the Vietnam War. 1:48 scale

    IMG_20170612_180359. IMG_20170612_180354.