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POLL: What level of Otaku do you consider yourself to be?

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by euria, December 9, 2015.


What level of Otaku do you consider yourself to be?

Poll closed December 16, 2015.
  1. IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!

  2. 8-10 hardcore af!

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  3. 5-7 a great deal!

  4. 2-4 a little bit

  5. 0-1 little to no level of otaku in this girl/boy *grins*

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  1. dunno it this'll actually work, but... Here goes!!
  2. I'm at the level where I watch way too much anime its probably not good, but I never bother to remember character names studio names and stuff like that XD

    so when you ask "oh have you seen [Insert generic animo name here]
    i'll just reply with "ye."
  3. haha me too
  4. I'm not as crazy as some people, I watch my anime everyday. I have my set schedule, but I don't do any cosplay. I have a handful of manga I also follow regularly, but I do it when I have the time.
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  5. I watch anime every now and then when there's a show I enjoy. And I try to go to Anime-cons when I can, it's nice to see the cosplay and art.
  6. I personally used to be really into anime and manga to the point where I had caught up to the 643rd episode of one piece and the 100-somethingth episode of fairy tail in a few months. The manga situation was similar, though not quite as intense. But I've recently gotten very obsessed with light novels and although that is a part of otaku-ness I feel like my otaku level has really decreased.
  7. Me too! I have actually set up a schedule for 2016 to balance my life. I don't wanna get TOO overboard on novels, anime and manga, though, since I gotta study too, and I know I'll find something good to read or watch that's not on my list.
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  8. According to your chart I'd say I'm a 2 :-)
  9. Yah same here I'm a 2
  10. i could do that in a week XD i really could though
  11. Hey dude nice artwork btw can u make me some? same thing but with OtakuBros instead of dicomo would appreciate it if you could dude my skype is Austin.mears17
  12. i dunno, i might be "borderline casual", like i don't really follow the new releases and can be pretty clueless about japan-side news

    although when i find a series/manga that i happen to really like, i'm gonna binge the hell out of it like nobody's business
  13. same XD
  14. Well, Jinjer, that sounds like a "true" otaku to me :-)
  15. agreed
  16. Hey RavenShadow you are a true otaku ill be posting a few more vids on my otaku bros channel soon make sure to subscribe im crazy XD
  17. lol ok if you say so *_*