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  1. I don't have a lot of things to say, I'm Satsuki and I am 14 y.o
    I'm not a real Otaku, I just love Anime and Manga a lot; but I really like this term so I want to call myself 'Otaku' and talk with others about animes ^^
    I live in France, and.. Ano..
    That's all
    Nice to Meet You minna :cheer:
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  2. Welcome to the community! It's always nice to meet new people! :D
  3. Welcome, Satsuki! It's nice to see a new face around here. What are some of your favorite anime?
  4. Welcome, feel free to send any feedback or suggestions you have :-)
  5. Hey! Satsuki. Always great to meet another Otaku. I am a gaming 14 year old that also watches plenty of anime and plays VN's. Also, sorry for not replying earlier, but I was playing my xbox 360 and It ended up short circuiting and braking. Its now in pieces as I try to fix it. But enough about me! what kind of anime do you like? If your into mixtures of action, comedy, and romance (And don't mind ecchi), I can name off plenty you should like.
  6. ^^ My favourites animes are Deadman Wonderland, Steins;Gate, Higurashi no naku koro ni, and Kuroko no Basket
    But.. I haven't seen all the anime on my anime list T-T
    -> I don't matter about the kind of anime, I just.. watch the anime ^^
    It can be horror like Another or comedy like Baka to Test.. x) *-*
    PS: I'm really sorry for your Xbox :-(
  7. I haven't heard of these (Or my memory is just faltering again), so I will check these out, Thanks!

    Don't worry, I got a spare that I can just put together (And the next generation of Gaming consoles are coming out soon :thumbsup:). Besides, I find the situation ironically hilarious, based on the fact that it short circuited from me plugging in a flash drive for music.
  8. Dôitashimashite, if I can be useful to someone .. x)

    Oh I forgot xD You'll buy the Xbox One ? ^-^
  9. This is something I am still thinking about. I really want to play "The Last of Us", and of course "Hyperdemension Neptunia" (PS Exclusives). Although, stuff usually comes out earlier for the xbox, its a tough decision.
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  10. [​IMG]
    'atta gurl
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  11. >.< bor3d i need an alert for every message of every thread. Welcome to our currently small community, sorry for being late. We're basically all just one family here ^^. If you havent already watched it give Angel Beats, Kaichou wa maid-sama, and sword art online a try :D
  12. Thanks :3 I havent watched Angel Beats ;)
    But I liked KWMS (Misaki is too kawaii :D) and I'm watching SAO :-)
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  13. You like KWMS? You and I are now bestfriends. You don't have a choice.
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  14. Hm .. If I do not have a choice.. ><
  15. You don't. It's settled.
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  16. O-okay x)