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  1. IGN: I have had two recently used ones - CrankyManMC1 and Randomgamer999 (my current one)

    What is your current age?: 14

    Have you contributed to the server thus far? : Although this is a relatively small server, I find that I always have an amazing time when spending time with our community. As we don't actually have any donor ranks, I can't exactly contribute money but I believe that so far I've been an impeccable example of someone who can take control. Not in a threatening way, but in a respectful way.

    So far I've helped the owners before the server even started - planning and organizing the way the server would work. As I'm sure you know the owners or I did not know how to use Java and CraftBukkit Plugins (Essentials etc...) very well, but we did our best to cover the basics and make the server an enjoyable place. You can double check I actually did this with the owners. At this point, you may be wondering - "If you've helped set up the server then why aren't you already a member of staff?". The simple answer is that at first, I didn't want staff. I wanted to earn it. I didn't want to be that guy, who has all the privileges just because of his connections because I know that these types of people are usually disliked upon (I may be wrong). I want to prove to the community that I am able to become a staff member who is not there to run a dictatorship - but be there to remind our community that someone is there for them.

    Returning to my 'respectful position', I believe (and I'm sure most other people would too) that I have been kind and caring towards other players. I've helped them get their head around the server and reminding them of commands (mainly how to use W/E and /warps etc..). But in general, players usually come to me if they have a query - which I believe is another one of my strong points. I've built a sense of trust throughout the server and united the community. So even though I'm not staff, people know that they have a 'big brother' watching over them. I find myself frequently resolving issues and arguments between players and dealing with our common toxicity issues. So far I have reported quite a few players and as far as I can remember I believe most of them have been banned. Some have been let off with a warning. You can check the 'Ban List' to validate this (although I'm not sure if it has been removed after 1.9?)

    What are you going to continue doing?: Well, doing the same job I think I already have been, but this time I won't have to wait to punish players who repeatedly ignore my (or staff's) warnings about their use of caps, language or other issues such as griefing (especially in Survival). Also, I believe me becoming staff as a whole will reduce general issues across the server. As I already am considered a 'respectful' figure - I believe that people will not bother challenging me if they know that I have the authority to mute and/or ban them. This may be a controversial reason but it may be something worth considering.

    If I do become a staff member, I will be able to remove my handicap and continue with projects I have planned. For example, one of my most supported ideas is to make sure everyone has infinite use of W/E in Creative (despite me not being the best of builders). It's just not enough to be able to vote for the server and only receive 1 hour of W/E. And for larger or more complicated builds, W/E may need to be used constantly at any time. I believe that this has 'ward' people off away from Creative recently, as you'll be lucky to see more than two people on at a time.

    Despite all this, we are constantly upgrading Factions which in my opinion - is just fine as it is. There really isn't a point in expanding the worlds by another 2000 blocks if no one will actually occupy it. The addition of a Crate System has corrupted the 'hierarchy'. As players who get lucky in their crates recieve godly rewards. This creates a social divide between players just based on the gear they have!

    And while Factions is being pampered, Sky Wars is still being run on Redstone and command blocks... The small server simply cannot handle so many command blocks going off at once which makes Sky Wars unplayable unless you're running a super computer. Also most of the time the Redstone does not work. I don't know much about it but staff says it is due to a problem with the amount of 'ticks' on the repeaters. I can't do much about this personally - but with the power of staff, I'll be able to raise awareness of these problems much more efficiently and possibly have them fixed in the near future. I know, I sound like a politician - but I have genuine respect for this server and it's players.

    What type of person are you?: I like to belive that I am a calm, practical person. Someone who can reach a conclusion as fast as they can without causing hurt to other people. Just like everyone else, I'm not perfect. There have been times where I have failed and ended up hurting others - but this just encourages me to learn from my mistakes and make sure it doesn't happen again. I also don't get angry - at all. I try to laugh my problems off and deal with them in a relaxed manner. But there have been a few times where I have completely lost it. But I've learned from those experiences and I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

    When did you first join UnwindCraft?: Before it was created. I guess a more responsible answer would be since it's started.

    Is your time zone PST?: No, it is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which may cause some scheduling conflicts but I believe won't be much of a problem at all.

    Are you multi-lingual?: This question is misleading as the word 'multi-lingual' means you speak more than two languages. I believe the message that was trying to be said is: "do you speak any other languages?" In this case, yes. I speak fluent English and German. I know the tiniest bit of Japanese, but not enough to communicate with others.

    How often do you play?: You all probably already know this, but I'm on 1-2 hours on weekdays, and sometimes longer on weekends, although there is no definite time.

    I hope you consider my staff application. I wish for the best outcomes!

    Have a wonderful day, RandomGamer999
  2. Thank You for your application! It has been validated by managers as genuine and will be further looked into. Please wait patiently for a reply, it may take minutes, hours or even months for a manager to have a complete look and discuss your enrollment of our server's Staff Team.
  3. Thank You for waiting patiently Random! I have good news - Welcome to the staff team! The managers have recognized your current contribution and previous contribution to the server and have agreed that you will be given the position of Moderator, that's right - you've skipped Trainee! Congratulations on your achievement and I hope we will be working together soon.
  4. Thank you for my long awaited reply! I look forward to working with you! Also do you know If I will receive (MOD) next to my forum name? Just a thought - I don't really mind if I don't.