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    Hasegawa Subaru enters a basketball club of Nanashiba High School, but the activity of the club gets suspended because the club leader falls in love with an 11 year old daughter of the coaching teacher. Subaru’s aunt asks him to coach a basketball club of elementary school girls. At first, he is reluctant to teach small girls, but he devotes himself to the club as he knows the complex circumstances of them.

    Genre: comedy, sports

    What Would You Do If You Were Caught In The Below Situations?
    Name: Hakamada Hinata
    NickName: Innocent Charm - The innocent yet diabolic charm
    *note She is the same age as the other girls.

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  2. This looks fun! I'm adding it to my watchlist! :D
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  3. Hinata is pretty much the only source of moe in this anime, but in that short amount of eps this anime contains more moe than any other anime/manga i have ever seen just because of her. Like seriously everytime she speaks

  4. All the more reason to watch! :D More moe than Lucky Star?
  5. Never watched that so you can judge ^^ . they have some funny notions about stuff though and the little net messaging thing they have is so cute (they also change the avatars clothes and location everytime)
  6. Sounds good. :D There's also a lot of moe in Lucky Star so if moe is your thing, you might want to try Lucky Star after Ro-Kyu-Bu! .:peace:
  7. Going between a bunch of different animes and mangas right now, cant seem to get into any of it. Moe is dangerous... tears will kill... and it depends on whats happening around me, that affects what i like (seriously it does, to an extreme amount). Right now im going for more action/sports
  8. Moe............ It's beautiful but dangerous. And a little addictive. Well, harem is also addictive. But Ro-Kyu-Bu! sounds like fun. If you're up for more moe, try K-On, Yuru Yuri (if you're wondering, Yuru Yuri is not a Yuri anime just moe. And a LOT of it.), Moetan (as the title states, it's a moe.), and a lot other moe anime. :D
  9. I forgot to mention! Since Moetan is an ecchi, you might want to avoid it........ ^_^; I'm such an idiot~! ><
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  10. Already finished K-ON 3 times ^^ love the songs, :'-( i always get a little teary for the last song though and i cant bring myself to skip it when it comes up. Ill look at them maybe later my to watch list is ridiculously large anyways.