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  1. Today the White trailer was released from Monty Oum's RWBY co-produced with RoosterTeeth.

    Red Trailer:

    White Trailer:

    I am really looking forward to the series and the last two trailers for Black and Yellow. So far we have been introduced to the first two protagonists in battle environments, even though Monty disposed the belief RWBY would be an action heavy anime in the Podcast and said the series will be plot heavy, much like Red Vs Blue.

    Thus far there is little to no information on the series besides speculations on the main characters. Monty and RoosterTeeth talk very lightly about the topic, only releasing information already seen, or background information that wont spoil anything.
  2. I'm really digging the animation, also produced by RoosterTeeth? I'm really interested to see where this goes. :O

  3. The Black trailer was released today during PAX East and has been uploaded for the public to enjoy. :D
  4. I've been keeping track of this for a while. It's really cool to see the comparisons to story characters:

    Like red being red riding hood and white being snow white
  5. Unfortunately I wasn't so dazzled by the Black trailer. :C
    In a way, I just felt like it was a snippet straight out of an episode, idk how else to put it. It was just really different from the original 2 but I guess that's the point of the color differentiation. @___@

    Can't wait for Yellow, though!
  6. Same. From what I understand, they are making these trailers as they go, and are currently more focused on creating the actual series. I'm actually more okay with sappy trailers, and a good show. Not to mention, the series will not be action oriented, and these action scenes are simply to showcase the characters and what they will bring to the party. The animation doesn't bug me either, as having watched 10 seasons of RvB, we watch for the humor, not the stunning graphics. I believe the story/comedy is where we will be most rewarded and I am looking forward to it.
  7. You're slacking here, Ika!

    I won't comment on the voiceacting. :(
  8. :pissed:
    I completely agree with your inner turmoil. Knowing how well they did with the RvB series, however, I do not see the current voice acting becoming the norm. I may be lying to myself simply because I'm a fat nerd like that, but I do hope the current voice acting is from a lack of focus on characters, and more time/effort being put into the choreography/animation. Though we wont know till the season premiere, I can still be optimistic. C:

    As for the characters thus far, I am not a huge fan. I understand they are products of Monty's love for action/adventure anime, something I never liked myself, so I wont be a hatin', but the overly complex clothing/armor just seems so 19th century to me. Geso~
  9. I wish they would put more effort into the voice actors as well. Barbara's voice is just not right for anime imo.
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  10. I just found out they're up to episode 8 on this... o____O

    I'm like a minute in to episode 8 out of curiosity and I must agree, the voices are...pretty lacking... lool

    Will watch from episode 1 sometime this weekend though.
  11. I always forget there's a RWBY thread. Also to those who use Crunchy-roll, it is on there.
  12. Main reason I dropped this show. The production should outweigh the horrible voice acting but sadly, it didn't.
  13. The soundtrack is amazing.
  14. I only saw the first few episodes. It was alright... I really liked the trailer for Red though.
  15. Well the season is finishing up and although I watched it all, it was only because Rooster Teeth was part of the production team. The voices and animation don't match up, the humor is anime related 95% of the time and the characters themselves aren't all that great. However, the story is very interesting and during fight scenes the animation is enjoyable. Altogether it's not the best "anime" out there but I'll certainly continue to watch it, if nothing but because of Rooster Teeth.
  16. Yeah I think the fight scenes are good. The voice acting definitely seemed quite odd, but I might end up watching the whole series someday. Maybe.