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Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Wazurau, June 14, 2014.

  1. I've just finished all episodes that have aired so far but, does anyone know the day of the week or whatever that new episodes come out so I know when to look for them?

  2. It airs on Wednesdays running April 11th to June 20th, so the last one will be next week. -Source.
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  3. Is this just the first season?
  4. Yes, this is just the first season, and according to MAL the Manga had won a Grand Prize and the anime itself has been getting good reviews, so it's pretty likely to get a second season, possibly in time for the 2015 spring season.
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  5. I really hope so, I'm enjoying it a lot so far.
  6. Has any romance started to happen yet? Its on hold for me until I can get some confirmation xD
  7. I feel like Nanana is getting a little attached to Juugo but he also has a weird thing going on with Yukihime and Tensai as well. Idk he's in a weird love triangle almost. I'd rather Juugo and Nanana develop feelings for eachother. It's giving me such an Anohana feeling.
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  8. The only thing about this anime that's bugging me is the love triangle. Dear god I want him to just pick one and be over with it. But overall it seems there is some romance happening. Maybe not so straight forward but sort of on the sidelines. Hopefully within the last episode it will be cleared up, OR we're going to get cliff hung and have to wait till season 2 for a development in their relationships. Either way the show is amazing and definitely worth the watch. I'm really glad you posted this cause until now I'd never even heard of it. Watched the whole thing just now. ^^
  9. Ha no problem man