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    Oh, hello! I suppose you would like to see some of my sketches, since you've clicked on this thread...
    I'm sorry, I'm not all that good, but I'm currently attempting to focus on actually drawing. See, I've been in this terrible art block for about two years now. I've been attempting to actually draw and not worry so much about finer details until I get back into the habit of drawing. My last completed picture was in 2012, so it's been a long time since I've actually completed a thing!! !!
    Who knows? Maybe I'll break this art block with some doodles here and there. For now, take this 2013 sketch dump.
    My 2014 goal is to draw at least once a day so I can doodle without worry! Hopefully this will lead me to improve and be able to do practices later on~
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  2. Those are some well done doodles. I especially like the line art you do, like that red/purple gradient one. With some stylized/effects filled background it would make a beautiful wallpaper. As well your creeping robot socks girl and the crying furry person being hugged are amazing quality, and look like great manga art styles, each expressive in its own way.

    I'm really digging the variety in your art styles, and was wondering what you use to draw? All paper or computer, and if computer what programs?
  3. Thank you much! Haha, I never considered cat girls furry, but that was my greatest sketch! I struggled so much on those hands~ The creeping robo-loli was another role-play antic, with her stealing a certain galaxy-kitty's sailor uniform.
    I have been experimenting with many styles, I'm glad someone recognizes that. ♥
    I use a wacom bamboo tablet and Paint Tool SAI for most of my drawings, but sometimes I draw on my phone and take a screenshot of it.

    I'm currently drawing races for a role-play I'm about to open, so maybe I'll publish them here~
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  4. Those drawings aren't bad, they're nice. I suggest you update this thread with your art daily or weekly to keep you motivated in honing your drawing skills.
  5. I'd consider this necroposting, but I honestly forgot about this forum until recently. Apologies...
    How about I update you guys with some drawings, I guess? My style consists of legs, legs, eyelashes, and more legs (I really like legs, and girls)
    Most of these drawings are concepts for my world in progress.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  7. Wow, comparing the new to the old, you can really see the improvement!
  8. Hope you will continue to make more!

    Please update us!!!! :-)
  9. Yeah It was realllyy cool.Keep updating:cheer::powa: