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Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy poll

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by RavenShadow, June 2, 2016.


Pick your chioce

  1. Fantasy

  2. Sci-Fi

  1. Let's be honest, now a days there really isn't much difference between the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres; anime creators have blended them together to the point that they've created a whole new genre, "SciFan" (there maybe different ways to spell it, but this is the one I found and the one I'm going with). I believe most anime/manga lovers are "SciFans" at heart, I mean its hard to love one without loving the other. But, I also believe that each genre has a unique point of view, and we should all decide which point of view suits us the best (at least at the time you take this poll ;)),

  2. I chose fantasy on the poll, but depending on the anime, I'd go with SciFi. Fans usually have more than one preference, but if You had to choose, why not have both? To me, it really depends on the plot, visuals, and character archetypes of an anime, js
  3. Oh I hear you, I just though it would be interesting to see when push came to shove, which genre would take precedence; power to that fantasy lol :-)
  4. Yea, I like a series that can do both, that's just the preference. :D
  5. To quote a popular phrase, "true that" :thumbsup:
  6. i'm actually a fan of "post-modern" fantasy where after a thousand years into the future, humans had a steep decline and technology regressed to low middle ages levels

    an example would be the shannara novels, the dragonriders of pern, and to an extent adventure time
  7. I'm a huge fan of Sci-Fi I don't know why. :D Although I've seen like 3x more Fantasy anime than Sci-Fi
  8. if you get the chance, you should watch Log Horizon. it has a lot of content, and the ending theme is on-point
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  9. Sounds interesting I'll give it a try thanks
  10. no problem! :peace:
    always willing to help a fellow otaku :ok:
  11. Hey that's nice! I'm personally looking for sci-fi anime that isn't ancient lol, if you find any I'd appreciate it if you told me :-)
  12. how about Steins:Gate?
  13. OOOH! Nice I think I'll check that out, thanks a bunch :-)
  14. No prob
    I'm also trying to find another good series to watch right now, and good suggestions people??
  15. Well, I love both. But I think I'll have to choose sci-fi as the preferred. The reason for that is because my all time favourite anime is Planetes.
    It's a "hard science fiction" anime. Hard sci-fi is sci-fi that's made to feel more real. On the surface it's a fairly light-hearted anime. But it does deal with some pretty deep stuff, terrorism and the inequality of earth's nations when it comes to the benefits of space travel/resources being common ones.

    I hate the opening song for it, but the visual aspect of the opening is absolutely gorgeous. The entire anime is really pretty
  16. Is it an older anime, or is it relatively new?
  17. Original run: October 4, 2003 – April 17, 2004

    I don't really see why it would matter in any way whatsoever if it's older or new though.
  18. Well, it was just the way you were explaining the graphics that got me curious, that's all lol
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  19. Fantasy with sci-fi like Sao and The King's Avatar!!