Sengoku Hime 3 Rough Guide

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    Well i made a rough guide on sengoku hime 3 for fruit but putting it up here for any of you that are going to be playing this (this isnt a hundred percent correct at all, just based off of what Crystal and I found out while playing). T.T had to resort to youtube... oh well should be fine.
  2. Oh i didnt do extra content yet so there might be some small changes here and there
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    Since Im Bored As Hell
    I Decided To Post An Image Of Every Clan/House You Can Play As (Or Has A Story Atleast, Since Anyone Clan Can Be Played In Free Mode)

    The Miyoshi (Not Done Yet)
    The Mori (Working On It)
    13 Fix.
    The Oda (Done)
    The Tokugawa (With The Oda)
    The Hashiba (With Oda)
    The Date (Not Done)
    The Uesugi (Not Done)
    The Takeda (Done 2x)
    The Ryuzouji (Not Done)
    20 Fix.
    The Ootomo (Done)
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    Since I Couldnt Post More Then 10 Image A Post Heres Last Clan
    The Shimazu (Done)

  5. The Opening Of The Game
    (Only Video I Plan To Upload Cause Man That Took A Long Time >.>)

    EDIT: Updated The Pics With More HD Quality